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Can A Solar Hot Water System Save You Money?



Yes, depending on whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor. The price here is determined by your familiarity with mechanical and plumbing procedures. Let's look at the many types of solar hot water systems from SameDayHotWaterService and their uses first. 

A system with a closed or open-loop


This sort of device usually uses the same water you drink throughout the whole process. This would be a passive system for most applications, with passive meaning that it uses home water pressure to circulate water. If you reside in a location with mild winters, these systems will perform quite well.


A system with an indirect or closed-loop


Closed-loop systems employ freeze-proof chemicals like glycol that are heated by the sun and then mechanically pushed through potable water via pipes or tubes. Although this is an indirect solar heating system, it performs admirably in cooler climes.


Combination of both systems


There are several systems that employ both closed and open systems. Many people utilize solar collectors, in which the sun heats a series of tubes or a huge tank. This type is simple to construct using do-it-yourself methods.


According to recent research, a family of four would require a 128-square-foot solar collector with a 150-gallon storage tank. The cost of this system is estimated to range between $10,000 and $18,000, depending on a few factors such as the usage of shut-off valves and the installation of by-pass valves. If you're building a new home, your contractor may be able to incorporate this into the construction cost, saving you money right away when you move in. However, what if you already own a home? What I recommend is that you create your own system.


Installing a DIY solar hot water system can benefit the environment. Electricity or natural gas are commonly used to power hot water heaters. If you are lucky and discover the majority of your components at a junkyard or a plumbing supply scrap yard, you're already ahead of the game. For roughly $200, you should be able to create your own system. It's quite straightforward, and you should be able to get started in a few days.


Tips for constructing your own solar hot water system include the following:


A new advancement in the tubing


Many recent advancements in a high-temperature plastic tube with ratings much greater than copper pipes have occurred. This sort of tubing is actually less expensive than you may assume and is accessible at most home improvement stores.



The Benefits of Using Flexible Tubing


One significant advantage of using flexible tubing is that you will only have two connection points: incoming and return water. If you create your system with several connections in your pipe, these extra connection points may cause complications after many years of operation. The bending radius of each product is specified by the manufacturer.


Set up by-pass valves.


It is critical to put multiple by-pass valves in your system. These valves are necessary for system maintenance or for removing your solar collector from the system. In the event of freezing temperatures, this will reroute the water flow or bypass the solar system.


Utilize toughened glass.


Tempered glass can help you save several hours of effort since it will protect your system from hail or violent storms.


Conclusion:- These are just a few pointers to help your installation go well and endure for many years. If you want your own system, check out DIY Solar Hot Water Heater or contact a reliable manufacturing company.

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