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Can You Beat Gravity?

Spring break is right around the corner and the kids are going to be home. Instead of letting them have a week filled with television and video games how about picking up a few board games that encourage STEM? Gravity’s Edge is a game for ages 6 years old and up that is STEM based.

Gravity’s Edge is a game perfect for 2 players or more. I appreciate when a game can be played with 2 people. This makes Gravity’s Edge a perfect game for when there’s a sleepover or when company comes over. Doesn’t matter how many kids are over, they can all play!

Gravity's Edge PiecesTo play Gravity’s Edge, first, you have to put it together. It takes just a few minutes to set up the black stand, assemble blue gravitational pole and balance it on top. After the gravitational pole is balancing on the stand it’s time to place the tipping points and place them in the baskets. You can do this before you balance the gravitational pole. It’ll be much faster if you do! Once the tipping points are in the counterweight baskets and the pole is balancing on the stand, you are ready to play!

The youngest player gets to go first. I think they do this because older kids have more reasoning skills. And if you are the first player to go, it’s less likely to tip on the first time. But that’s just my assumption. If you don’t want to go youngest to oldest it’s ok. Just go in any order you’d like.

Gravity's Edge STEMWhen it’s your turn, take a tipping point out of the counterweight balance and balance it on the gravitational pole without tipping it over! Sounds easy, right? You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to tip it! The object of the game is to make it harder for your opponents to place a tipping point without toppling the pole. So you want to push the limits without toppling the game. It is a challenge! Especially once you’ve gone a few rounds.

Gravity's Edge STEM GameYour child will learn about physics, cooperation and taking turns while playing Gravity’s Edge. But they won’t even know they are learning! They will think they are playing a fun game.

You can purchase Gravity’s Edge at MindWare. There are also many STEM and STEAM games and projects you can browse while there. Check it out and pick up a few things for the kids. Trust me, you’ll be thankful you did when it’s a rainy day and they’re stuck inside.


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