Can Buying Jewellery Be A Good Investment?

If you are tempted to speculate on jewellery with the aim of turning a profit, there is much to consider. It is not an easy thing to buy a piece of jewellery and sell it at a profit. Most collectors simply love the fine pieces and are not so concerned with appreciation. Of course, there are many styles of jewellery and for the investor, the antique market is the most attractive, as steady appreciation would be expected, providing the piece is well looked after.

Investing In Antique Jewellery


If you know little or nothing about antique jewellery, it is time for some serious research, which can be carried out online at no cost to you. Apart from a sound basic knowledge of precious stone grading, you would need to be well-educated regarding the different periods, learning who the major designers and makers were and the trends that style represents.


Online Solutions


With the pandemic still ongoing, it isn’t wise to attend antique fairs and flea markets, rather you can buy Australian antique jewellery online. You will also learn that there are other locations outside the Land Down Under where you can purchase these pieces. Wherever you are in the world, it’s important to first do a bit of research to ensure that you’ll be buying from an established antique dealer. When on the dealer’s website, you can search by jewellery type, period, or price and with the written description and some hi-res images, you can find out what you need to know about any particular piece that you are interested in.


Famous Jewellery Items


Of course, if money is no object, you could invest the next time famous jewellery comes up for auction, but you would have to be very knowledgeable and have access to large amounts of money. There is no doubt that some billionaires have heavily invested in huge jewels that are valued at tens of millions of dollars and unless an item of jewellery has some historical relevance, it can be very difficult to sell it for more than what you paid when you acquired the piece.


Free Learning Resources


If you are thinking of investing in antique jewellery as a form of investment, you should take advantage of the free resources on the Internet and learn about the 4Cs, the universal diamond grading system. Check out the Gem Institute of America, where you can learn all about diamonds and how they are formed and graded. Study the history in Britain and Europe, noting the different periods and who was ruling at the time and discover who the jewellery makers were in your chosen period.


Sound Long-Term Investment


If you invested in an Art Deco diamond engagement ring, this would prove to be a sound long-term investment; fine antiques never drop in price, rather it is a question of how much they increase in value. Who knows what a 1930s diamond ring would be worth in 2050? Many couples choose an antique engagement and wedding ring and make both a family heirloom that will be handed down from generation to generation.


If you already have an investment portfolio that is performing well, why not invest in some stunning antique jewellery? The love of your life will reap the benefits of wearing fine jewellery and the investment will appreciate in value as time passes.

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