Can CBD Help Manage Seizures? Here’s What Science Says


CBD is often seen as a buzzword by many. It’s meteoric rise to fame in recent years has caused many who had never heard of it or disapprove of cannabis consumption to second-guess their original opinions.

It’s well documented among individuals with conditions such as epilepsy that CBD for seizures has helped them live an active, healthy life. 

We delve a little deeper into CBD’s history and analysis and seizures to find out how it works.

How does CBD work?

In simple terms, CBD stops the brain from over-reacting when stimulated. For example, it calms the reaction to physical pain, stress, anxiety, depression, tics, and epilepsy.

CBD does this by binding to two receptors in the brain called CB1 and CB2 in what’s called the Endocannabinoid system.

CBD in History

Societies have used cannabis for medical treatment for the scientific reasons mentioned above. However, due to its reputation as a recreational drug, cannabis spent many modern times resigned to the black markets.

In the 21st Century, medical developments have enhanced the extraction process of individual chemicals, allowing scientists to experiment with different levels to see if it is reproducible without the mind-altering properties loathed by the majority. 

Campaigning for Medical Approval

Although medical marijuana became legal in North America at the turn of the millennium, three families’ public attention has led to CBD’s acceptance today.

Firstly, two stories appeared from North America of Cash Hyde and Charlotte Figi, two young children desperate to live a happier life. Their publicized plights helped reform the medical cannabis laws in the USA, especially in providing these to children with illnesses.

However, it took a global controversy to escalate the popularity of CBD we’ve seen today.

Billy and Charlotte Caldwell

In 2016, a young boy with refractory epilepsy named Billy Caldwell had traveled to America for treatment by a specialist. His 100 seizures a day improved by 98% by taking CBD. When he returned from his treatment in 2018, the UK authorities confiscated his CBD oil.

Several days later, Billy was fighting for his life in hospital as his body could not cope. 

The media uproar that followed sparked a global debate around existing laws. As a result, the UK Government did not hesitate to relax medicinal cannabis laws for the future.

Getting the Right CBD for Seizures

You may have heard of Epidyolex, the first CBD drug approved by the FDA in America and in the UK, the NHS, to treat Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

It’s vital buying analyzed CBD is a top priority. By using lab reports, you know what you’re getting. In many markets, CBD is unregulated, so, unfortunately, there are many companies out there exploiting the vulnerable.

Therefore it’s best to do your research and make sure you’re getting the right one for you and that the company you are purchasing from is legitimate.

Will CBD Change My Life?

It’s a bold claim, but ultimately yes. CBD for seizures has been shown to be effective.

Everyone is different, so you should always seek medical advice, especially if you are on certain medications. But all it takes is doing your research online to see that thousands of people all over the world are finding it is a game-changer and preventing or reducing the quantity and severity of their seizures.

Why not explore for more advice and see what CBD products you can find today!