If you're always one that likes to help others, and want to know what more you can do to support your local charities that you're passionate about, there are plenty of ways that doesn't always include giving out money.

Here are some ideas of how you can give back in other ways.


Help a neighbor in need

If you live close to someone elderly or disabled that find it hard to do daily things, like go shopping or cook dinner, offer them your help once in awhile. If you make some food and there are leftovers, bring them round for them to have as a dinner, or ask if they need you to run some errands for them if you have a spare few hours to kill, like doing their gardening for them, or giving their home a quick dust and polish.



There are tons of charities out there that need people to take time out of their own life in order to help others. Some will require you to have a certain skill, while others will just want some helping hands. This could be anything from putting in a few hours working in their store, handing out leaflets about the charity, or preparing food for people that can't do it themselves.

So think about how much time you are able to give, and then get looking around your local area.


Give blood

As long as you're fit and healthy, there is no reason that you can't give blood. Look online and search for a local donor center where you can go and give your blood. It costs nothing, only takes around fifteen minutes, and that small gift could potentially save someone's life. It's even possible to donate your platelets if this is something you don't mind doing. These are always needed for when patients undergo chemotherapy, have to have an organ transplant, or any other disorders. The process takes about double the time of giving blood, and you can do so up to fifteen times a year.


Take unwanted goods to a charity shop

This is something that seems to be forgotten about, but if you have any clothes that no longer fit you, or you just don't like anymore – don't throw them out – hand them into a charity shop. This doesn't just have to be your clothes though; it can be anything that others may find useful. Like children's old toys if you have any, or books, or even old furniture.


Buy merchandise

Sometimes charities create merchandise available to buy through local shops or online. When bought, the proceeds will be collected and put towards that charity, for example, pink football gear is available to buy online, and this is for the breast cancer charity (hence the pink!)


Raise awareness

If you haven't got much time to spare, then just raising awareness to others is as much help as giving money. You can do this by sharing posts online about organizations and fundraisers, and spread the word around at work and to your family and friends.


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