This is something I know something about, having dealing with this as an on going battle myself. Depression happens to at 20 million Americans every year. And everyone has dealt But people with depression and being sad one time or another.

But people who are suffering from true depression have very frequent and recurring long time symptoms making them view life as something not worth living. Again something I know oh to well myself.

Here are some of the symptoms:
Sadness hat is prolonged
Crying spills that are unexplained
abrupt changes in your sleep patterns
anger, irritability, anxiety , worry
energy loss
guilty feelings for no reason
unexplained sence of worthlessness
difficulty in concentration
inability of taking pleasure in things you use to do
social with drawl
unexplained pains and aches
being tired all the time
and thoughts of death and suicide

if you are experiencing any of these the first thing you need to do is go and see the doctor. Just be honest with him and how you are feeling there's nothing to be ashamed of. Whatever you do don't try and diagnose yourself . Only a doctor can tell you whats wrong with you and  help you deal with it.

People who have severe depression often have episodes monthly. Never feel embarrassed , shy, or ashamed that you have depression. Depression can happen at any age
Be persistent and patient and you will find a method that will help you.

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