Can Weed Help in Boosting Creativity?



If you are in the creative profession, you might find yourself in creative or writer's block at times! You might lack motivation for your new project and assignments. Many people face this situation and often turn to weed for a solution. Many people who smoke weed, possibly bought from a website like weed smart, often say that it helps them release negative emotions and plants them to the present moment, which allows them to become stress-free and become more creative.

Today, several young professionals in the creative world count on weed to think out of the box. They have access to weed from online dispensaries. To know more about it, you can buy weed with GetKush

The science that explains creative thinking

The scientific way to assess “creative thinking” is called divergent thinking. It's the capacity to deploy tactics, like thinking out-of-the-box, creative thinking, brainstorming or any other way by which people can arrive at exciting solutions to their problems. 

One of the best ways to stimulate divergent thinking is to use cannabis in the correct dosage. According to several studies, it was thought that high dose of cannabis could stimulate creative thinking. However, that claim isn't true. In fact, extremely high doses of cannabis have actually impaired divergent thinking, according to many studies. Hence, it is necessary to select a low-dose mechanism for marijuana consumption. It could be a low-milligram edible or a few puffs from a cannabis joint that can do the trick. When it comes to creative thinking using marijuana, less is more. 

A few other responses

There are few other responses about cannabis and creativity! According to some studies, cannabis consumption has helped many people to brainstorm new ideas for their projects. It has also helped them to assess a problem in a new light. But some people have felt high after they have had their creative ideas and have been prone to sleep. It could be because of the THC compound in cannabis which can cause a psychoactive high. That is why people need to get very careful about the dose and make sure that they are on a low dose. 

The cognitive neuroscience notions strongly recommend that our prefrontal cortex plays a vital role in the essential cognitive functions for creative thinking. And a high-end weed or cannabis can stimulate the blood flow to our brain's frontal lobe enabling the neutrons to spark more sporadically. It can allow a person to be in a freer-flowing state of mind. That's what makes them feel that their creative juices are flowing quickly and can have better creative ideas. However, the secret to this lies in conscious dosing instead of a high-dose. 

That aside, cannabis often helps a person to destress. The compounds available in weed respond to the brain receptors so that a person feels calmer and more grounded. And that place of less mental resistance can often result in creative thinking. 

However, today there is a need for more studies to establish this! But if you are resorting to weed for creativity, ensure that you take a low dose. 


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