Cancer.  One word I would not mind ever hearing again, unless it is the news that there is a cure. I know so many people who have had cancer.  All the people that I have known who had had cancer have been adults.  I cannot imagine anything worse than having a child who has cancer.  I have my own child and my heart just breaks for anyone who has to go through that.  Not to mention, the child having to go through that at such a young age.  Let's face it, it is hard enough for an adult to go through it but can you imagine a child having to go through such a thing? Just heartbreaking and then having to watch your child go through this when there is nothing you can do you just feel helpless. When you hear the statistics that over 10,000 children under the age of 15 are diagnosed with cancer EACH YEAR it is a sobering thought.

Extended Stay America is trying to raise awareness of the issue of childhood cancer with the Hope Bear.  They are working with the American Cancer Society to give 10,000 children in hospitals across America the Hope Bear starting in September.  How cute is the Hope Bear, just looking at it makes you smile and can you imagine the comfort it will bring to a child that receives one. Such a small gesture can make such a difference to someone battling cancer and being in the hospital, knowing someone cares and having this cute bear as a symbol of hope and comfort for them.


You can #GiveHope for just $10 to a child in the  hospital, or you can get one for yourself or someone for $19.99 delivered to your home and $5.00 of that will be donated to the American Cancer Society toward pediatric cancer research.  It is a win/win situation either way – you can either get one of  these cute bears as a symbol to kick cancer's butt for yourself or you can brighten up a child's day who is in the hospital away from home and make sure they have something that they can always look to and be comforted.  It has to be hard enough being away from home in a strange bed, in the hospital with the doctors and nurses and none of the comforts of home – now they will have a friend to comfort them and make them feel a littlemore at home.


You can learn more about the #GiveHope campaign here, and you can find out more about Extended Stay America by visiting their page on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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