Cannabis Concentrates- Decoding The Ways to Use This Potent Form

Did you know that the sales of marijuana concentrate spiked by more than 40% compared to last year? The rise is because of the fact that the consumers are getting comfortable with the process of dabbing or other new technological ways to use this product. 


And with the world of cannabis concentrates diversifying year after year, users are all “thumbs up” for the plethora of products available now. And why not when the potency of these products is anywhere between 50% to 90%.


One such product that rose to popularity is “Cannabis wax.” But how to use this extremely sticky cannabis product? Keep reading, and you’ll find out.


Get an Instant Hit With Dabbing 


This is quite a popular technique that allows you to consume cannabis wax using a dab rig. In this method, the rig heats the concentrate at a higher temperature using a dab nail (made from either titanium, glass, ceramic, or any other conductive material). 


The blowtorch helps to reach the required temperature. The consumer inhales the vapors, just like they would do with a bong to get the desired effects. 


Consume Potent Concentrates With Vaping 


In this method, one enjoys the marijuana wax by inhaling the active ingredient without much of the fluff. Usually, users opt for high-quality vaporizers for a smooth and effective hit. For instance, YoCan Flame vaporizer available here,, allows the consumers to enjoy wax concentrates directly from the glass jar. Its XTal coil enables the wax to heat without impacting its potency or quality. And with the long-lasting battery, one can enjoy long vaping sessions without any hassle.


Simply Sprinkle it on a Joint 


If nothing is available, you can use the same product when rolling a joint or packing a bowl. All you have to do is sprinkle while you are making a joint. But make sure to avoid resin or budder for a smooth smoking experience.


Now that you know about all the methods to use your favorite concentrates, the next thing is to understand why it is a better option than the ones available. 


Let’s begin!


Switching to Concentrates- Why?


The first and most important reason for choosing this form of cannabis is the chance to achieve higher potency. In other words, this method allows you to inhale only the beneficial ingredients that enable you to feel the desired effects quickly. 


Other than that, when consuming marijuana, “taste” is one of the primary aspects of switching to different options. And since concentrates deliver more robust flavor, they are quite popular amongst millennials. 


Last but not least, since marijuana is still illegal on a federal level, this gives you a chance to draw the least attention to yourself. You can discreetly consume your favorite product and get going. 


Wrapping up


Cannabis concentrates offer diverse benefits, starting from convenience, precise dosing, refined flavors to higher potency. This is quite a beneficial form if you have developed tolerance to other methods.


However, make sure to use the right method to consume this incredible product, especially if you wish to manage your medical condition using this nature's miracle. That way, you can keep your condition in check without impacting your quality of life. 




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