I love drinking wine and I become upset when I only want to drink a glass and have more than enough left over for later. At this point, my cork has disintegrated, gotten lost, or is too hard to shove back in my wine, so I feel like throwing my hands up in frustration. The other dilemma I would face is when and if I do use the same cork to screw back into my wine, it has become unstable and I no longer would be able to store my opened wine sideways in the refrigerator. I wish there was a better way to have a solution alternate cap to use. Something that would save my wine’s shelf life and that would also do a good job in saving the quality and taste of my wine. That is where CapaBunga comes in.

Airtight Seals

What is CapaBunga? CapaBunga is a reusable silicone cap that seals a bottle of wine back as good as new after you have taken off the cork. Once the cork has been removed, you can re-seal the bottle with a CapaBunga. The seal is liquid tight meaning, that you wine bottle can now be stored as needed in your fridge. There are various caps in the market, but they are either bulky or too tall and make it difficult to shut your fridge door. The beauty with CapaBunga is that it fits almost every wine bottle.


There is also the CapaBubbles. Besides drinking wine, I love drinking Champagne. Sometimes I want to taste a bottle of Champagne I have sitting around, but I also need to save some for later. CapaBubbles is also a reusable silicone cap, but it is different as it is made for wine with bubbles, and you would not use it for regular wine, as you would not use CapaBunga for wine with bubbles. The difference is that it transforms a bottle of sparkling wine into a screwcap bottle.  The cap is threaded which you insert onto the bottle, then the cap would twist down on top to create a seal. There you have it, your champagne can be store for a week more once you have opened it.

I really enjoy both my CapaBunga and my CapaBubbles as they have graciously saved me from wasting my precious wine!

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