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When it comes to my skin and face, I'm very careful about the products I use, because I have very sensitive skin and so does everyone in my home.

My family has a big issue with ecezma and we are prone to severe breakouts. Add to that the flaking, cracks, itching, redness, due to the Eczema that we all suffer from – the products that we do use barely takes care of the dryness.

Caprclear is a big relief, because it actually treats all of the symptoms I mentioned. The all natural spray and moisturizer is just right. The instant I put it on I felt a great relief, the itching was gone. Talk about a minimal ingredient list. This bottle contains 100% fractionated coconut oil and absolutely nothing else! It is fragrance free and truly non-greasy, which I didn’t expect whatsoever.

What have I been using my CapriClear for? Multiple things. At first I was using it on my skin after a warm shower or bath. The amount of moisture that it was helping me retain in my skin was really a treat and I was impressed with that alone. Love the way it takes my dry skin and make it feel so much softer and smoother. The tell-tale signs are always there…dry, flaky skin – redness and irritation – itching that seems to bother them more than anything else.


Another thing that caught my attention were the words “Gentle, Natural”. Those are the words that everyone wants to hear. Typically, natural-based products don't irritate. I was not at all concerned about this spray being painful on my self or on my family, because it also contains Fractionated Coconut Oil…which has some amazing healing properties alone!

During the time that I have used it, my skin is softer and it stays that way longer. No one has had any adverse affects. It has calmed the itchiness and uncomfortableness of our eczema tremendously.Love the way you can spray it on and instantly feel some kind of itch relief,


CapriClear4CapriClear Spray-On Moisturizer is simple to use…simply spray it directly onto the skin and you can rub it in if you like. It does have an oily feel to it but that feeling disappears quickly and the spray itself absorbs nicely. My husband has had a mysterious rash on his legs that is persistently itchy…I thought this spray might help him but it didn't help as much as we had hoped, but as long as it helps one of us im good with it.

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