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Starlux games creates fun glow in the dark games to be played inside, outside, or even in the pool. How fun would it be during the summer, running around with all your buddies at the campsite playing Capture the Flag? This game is a fun way to get exercise, build friendships, and create lots of fun memories.

For Kids to Grandparents

Starlux game makes it easy for young kids all the way to grandparents to play the game. For the Capture the Flag game, ten players can play. Five players on each team. There are also a variety of other game player combinations depending on which type of game chosen to play. The kit comes with ten glow bracelets that are led, eight jail markers, five territory lights, and two orbs. All the pieces have batteries included.

Teams, Bracelets, and Flags

The orbs act as the flag and the objective of the game is to capture the flag. The team bracelets are two different colors to signify which team you’re on. There are game cards with instructions showing how to play and which variation you can play. There are also twelve ways in playing and as little as four to twenty people can play it.

With Capture the Flag, the game is very fun and easy to play. You would steal the glowing light to win. Just snatch, grab, or pick the orb up. You can break teammates out of jail by tapping their hand. You can also be sneaky and hide so you can break into enemy territory without them knowing. Then at all cost, protect your base.

My daughter is twelve years old, and she and her friends love playing this game!

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