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Car Accessories Everyone Needs

We spend so much time in cars driving to work, chauffeuring our children around to games, practices, friends’ houses. We run errands.  We spend a lot of time in our cars.  Having the right car accessories can make the time we spend in our car much more pleasant.  I used to have to travel almost an hour with traffic to get to work and then another hour driving home, if I was lucky it would only take me a half hour, but I wish some of these things were available to me then. It would have made my life a lot easier and hectic.


The first thing I could not do without is a car charger. I remember the times that I would be stuck in traffic because of an accident or road work and I would want to call home but my phone through the course of my day at work had drained its battery.  Now I could not call home to give a heads up, but my anxiety kicked in and all I could think was I hope nothing happens where I have to call someone for help or I get stuck or something and cannot call anyone now because my phone is not charged. This is a must to keep in my car as now I can charge my phone anytime while I am driving when I forget to plug it in at home because I fell asleep or using it too much and drained my battery.  The GetPower 6.2 Amp Quad adapter has the ability to charge 4 phones at the same time. You just need your cable to plug in and you are in business. This is especially handy when there are 2 people in the car that want to charge their phones, now they can do it at the same time and not have to wait or fight over who is first.

Along those lines is my portable battery charger.  I keep that in my purse so if I am on my way to a doctor’s appointment and know I will be sitting for a while and want to bring my tablet but forgot to charge it I am covered, or if I think I will be using my phone a lot while sitting somewhere and I run low I can just plug it in and have it charge while I am using it . This particular model which is the Ventev Powercell 6000 can charge 2 devices at the same time (and let’s face it, I am sure we all have at least 2 and probably need to charge them at the same time sometimes).


Now let me just backtrack a bit and say that I know you are not supposed to use the phone in your cars unless it is a hands free experience.  You should never text when driving or pay attention to the phone and not the road.  With the Ventev Minipro vent dashmount you can have your smartphone in plain view and all hands free. Plus it rotates 360 degrees so if you have a passenger in the car they can pay attention to the phone and you can pay attention to the road. This especially comes in handy for me when I am getting directions from my phone and I can keep them at eye level and not just laying on my seat hoping I hear the correct information without the visual.

Now the one thing that everyone should have in their vehicle is a first aid kit. You never know when you will need one and it is always a good thing to have on hand. Boss Manufacturing Company first aid kit is large and it is red so you cannot miss it in your trunk or back of your SUV.  I love this one because not only does it come with the usual adhesive bandages and first aid dressings and tape that are the norm, but it comes with tweezers (great for the splinters) and even a tick remover (which I hope I will never need but good to know it is in there just in case!). It is big enough where I can even add my own stuff to it.

Now if you like to listen to music in your car and are anything like me you are constantly changing the channels trying to find a song you like,  and how many stations play commercials at the exact same time or you figure you will wait until the next song comes in just to find it is something you are not interested in.  With Blujax you can listen to the songs that are on your smartphone though your speakers so you know that you will always be hearing a song you like since you downloaded them to begin with!

If simple is what you like then you can get an All-In-One Car Charger which basically just means that the USB ports that plug into your phone are already attached so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring the cable or grabbing the right one since all the devices use different cables unless you have all of one type (which I know I do not personally).  This way if you decide that you want to charge your phone you can do it and then if you figure you may as well charge your tablet but it is a different cable you need no worries because you can just choose the other cable when you are done charging your phone and you can get that charged too.  Also saves you from having to carry around all your cables!

Now let’s get back to safety and making sure you are protected.  Hopefully you never get into an accident or altercation but nowadays you just cannot be too careful.  With the mirror monitor with built-in DVR you have that added sense of security because it records everything.  Now you may never need it but even the littlest fender-bender can be a hassle, a your word against mine, so this is definitely something that could help if you are ever in that situation. The best part of it is, it always records when driving unless you actually shut it off yourself.  This is great because I would never remember to turn it on when I get in the car and now if I want to turn it off that is what I need to remember, but let’s face it, it is not going to do me any good turned off so I would rather forget to turn it off than forget to turn it on and be sorry about it later.


The Mini Lip-Mount camera allows me to see things better.  I am one that does not like to reverse because I always think about what could be behind that I cannot see and let’s face it, I always hear too often about people backing up and there being a tragedy.  With the camera mounted on the back of my car I can see perfectly everything that is back there because as soon as I put the car in reverse it goes on so I can see.  It also has parking lines which is awesome because I stink at parking unless I am just pulling into a space, but then getting out of the space I can see if there are carts or anything behind me thanks to this camera.  You can also mount it on the front but I prefer it on the back myself.  It’s water/debris proof so no need to worry about the elements or it getting wet or dirty and ruining it.

We spend so much time in the car, might as well make it as enjoyable and safe as possible.

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