Car Window Tinting That Makes People Go Aww Snap!

What Kind of Tint Is Right for Your Ride?


When you want to improve the look of your car, quality window tinting is the only way to go! With the right tint, you can customize the appearance of your car without making drastic changes.


Window tint is a thin layer of adhesive film that is applied to the interior or exterior glass of your vehicle. In fact, tint isn’t limited to your windows. Tint for your taillights is also a very popular way to customize your ride. If you’re ready to give your ride a whole new vibe, check out these ways the right window tint will make your friends go aww snap!


Dyed Tint Is Your Cheapest Option

This is your most economical option for window tint. It blocks a fair amount of light and absorbs some heat. Dyed window tint is treated or coated with a dye to create the shade of gray you desire for your vehicle. Keep in mind that many professionals who perform window tinting installation recommend avoiding this kind of tint, because it doesn’t last very long.


Turn Heads With Eye-Catching Metallic Tint 

Metallic tint is one of the coolest looking tints you can apply to your vehicle. It’s made with tiny metal particles that give a reflective appearance and protect against the sun's damaging UV rays. Metallic tint offers superior privacy, but has been known to interrupt cell phone and radio signals.


Make Your Vehicle Cooler With Carbon Tint

This tint mixes carbon particles into your film. It rejects a lot more heat than metallic tint and offers a sophisticated matte finish. It blocks about 40% of infrared light, which causes warmth. This tint is also durable, and doesn’t fade through time.


Hybrid Tint for the Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid window tint combined dyed and metallic layer to amp your protection against harmful UV rays and reduce the amount of distracting glare while you’re driving. The dyed layer of this window tint reduces the metallic finish, and is known in the window tinting industry as the best bang for your buck.


Professionals Prefer to Use Ceramic Tint

This is the best kind of window tint available. It’s coated with ceramic particles and is well known by window tinting installation experts for its heat rejecting properties. It’s invisible to the naked eye, but has high performance against UV rays. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends ceramic window tint to protect you and your vehicle.


Wait, Did You Say Skin Cancer?

Did you know that driving may contribute to a higher risk of skin cancer on your left side? Some studies show it could increase your risk up to 75%. That’s because Americans spend over 430 hours a year driving, which means you’re exposing the left side of your body to 430 hours of sun without protection.


When you install window tint, you’re not only making your car look incredible, you’re also protecting your health. You don’t even need to get a dark shade of tint to reap all the benefits this aftermarket car accessory offers.


How to Choose the Right Shade of Window Tint for Your Vehicle

The right shade of tint depends on how you want your car to look. If you want your car to look sleeker from the outside, you might want to go for a darker shade in a carbon window tint. However, if you love the way your car looks fresh out of the factory, then a crystal clear or light gray might be the right option for you.


The most important thing to remember when you hit the search button for “window tinting near me” is that every state and county has laws and regulations with how dark your tint can be. For instance, New Mexico only allows 20% tint on your front side windows, but New York allows 70%.


Is a DIY Window Tint Installation a Good Idea?

It seems like installing your own window tint is super-simple, but it actually takes a lot of technique and skill to successfully perform a smooth installation. That’s because you need special tools and a keen eye to keep your tint from bubbling, rippling, and tearing.


If you apply your own tint, you risk making a costly mistake. Not only does this waste expensive window tint, it wastes your time, and will force you to pay an expert for professional installation. The best thing to do is contact a local window tint shop and schedule an appointment for a consultation. That way, you’ll be sure to stay within the legal limit and make your car look incredible.


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