Cards From The Heart

When it comes to writing a card, this is something I love doing. I love to write things I find it more meaningful. Have you ever gone to the store to pick out a greeting card, but you couldn't find the one that expresses your feelings?  They've certainly made many strides with cards, but I'd rather give a personalized greeting card. Have you ever got one of those political campaign mailers, they seem to be personal and lets you know all the information you need to know.

Instead of using another person's words to show your feelings, why not use your own?  This is such a special way to show your loved one how much you really care.  How beautiful would it be to receive a wonderfully, sincere personalized card from your husband, father, mother, or whoever?  It's also just as great being the giver.  So, let's say you're not great with words…that's ok. Your loved one wants you to sound like you!  It's fine not to sound “refined” or as good as a writer.  What is important is to put your feelings out there and let it all out.  She/he is going to appreciate that so much more than perfect words put together. — By combining these facts with a genuine intention and a handwritten letter, you will fulfill the purpose of letting others know how much you love and appreciate them. 

This is the reason I would rather write my own words, it's more from your heart and that makes it more special. A well-written greeting card creates memories that will last a lifetime. Long after the recipient has forgotten the gift, they will remember your lovely card and kind words.

Custom greeting cards are the best way to deliver the message. However, many don't know how to make greeting cards that truly deliver. When you're making your own greeting cards, it's nice to include more personalized elements. This includes handwritten messages, hand-drawn imagery, and so on.

While there is something to be said for emotional cards, most audiences would prefer to have a good laugh. Because of this, humour is something that works for almost every kind of card.

Depending on you and the kind of card you want to give, there are so many ways you can make it special and that's something anyone would want I love when I get a special card.

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