There was only one boy and three girls growing up. And seeing that we were close in age we played all sports with him and his friends, we even played soldiers with him. The most fun I had been playing with his remote control cars.

As a lot of you already know I have a great-nephew and since he was in my nieces stomach , we decided we wanted to get him his first remote car, im happy to have been able to get him the Carrera Fire Racer , I know what everyone thinking, hes to young. Thats the good part they will put it away and give it to him on his first Christmas.

The beauty about this car is that it can go 13 miles per hour, and has a long battery life. Does not take long to fully charge about 80 minutes and will last a while. Everything is included with the car, battery and charger. This car is part of the Servotronic series. Fire Racer is red with black accents make it look so awesome.


A cool feature about the 2.4GHz transmitter is that it will not interfere with other signals no matter how many cars are running. Older 27MHz FM and AM transmitters have interference!

•Up to 12 MPH Max Speed
• Ready to Run
•2.4 GHz
•Full Function Steering
•1.2 Hour Charge Time
•High Power Lithium Battery

We know of two people who are going to have fun playing with this car, his daddy and his grandpa. teaching how to use the remote, I cannot wait till he is old enough to do so. Hes going to be a happy boy. With great Aunts that want to spoil him.

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