We have a few cats, and finding the right one has taken us some time, we don't want the house to smell like a litter box. While searching for one I found Just The Chrystals, and I have to say this litter is amazing, we don't smell the cat pans and the house smells good not like there are so many cats.

Works with any traditional litter box, as well as the Forever Litter Tray Reusable Litter Tray, permanent replacement for ScoopFree litter disposable trays, we are using this with our regular cat box and its perfect.  Absorbs urine and dries solid waste with 5 times better odor control than clumping clay litters

Keeping the box in a dry place and “stirring” the litter every day or so really helps it to last longer but I have found this brand lasts far longer than the others. This was the best litter and we will be getting some more, it keeps the smell down and I am not spending a lot of money on litter this lasts a while.

Beyond your cat's health, remember he or she also uses the litter box and then walks around your house, on your furniture, on your lap and in your bed. You don't want them dragging litter all over the house, this stays in the pan I noticed, I haven't seen any cat litter all over like I have before.

For me, the best part is I no longer smell the cat pan, and they don't use any fragrance to cut out the smell like a lot of cat litters do. Just the Crystals has the highest measured absorbency of any crystal cat litter on the market.

And its low tracking and 99 percent dust-free, making it great for me to use. I love this and will definitely buy some more when needed.


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