Today s National Cat Day! Hailey The cat loves to play with the cat Paw!
333 001
A new toy that makes you feel like a kid again. There are so many ways to play with the new cat paw. My son used it as a cat paw coming out of his shirt like he had a paw for an arm. We played many of jokes. This cat paw if you pull trigger lightly meows. If you pull the trigger harder it roars like a bit fierce cat!  Zachary and Adam had fun playing with the cat paw and trying to get the cookie from it. Not only did Zachary have fun playing with the cat paw but, chase and Makayla did to. You can find so many different ways to have fun with the cat paw.
333 004 Cat Paw – The Friendly Yet Feisty Toy For All? Cat Paws (#CatPaw) from Wicked Cool Toys are wildly fun and purrrfect for everyone! Creep out co-workers, amuse cat lovers and STUPEFY cats themselves with the amazing, bizarre, wonderful and super fun CAT PAW!  Cat Paw features four different cat styles to choose from which includes a Orange Shorthair Cat Paw, a White Persian Cat Paw, a Maine Coon Cat Paw and a Black Cat Paw. Each Cat Paw includes two realistic sounds (friendly and feisty) and an awesome clawing action! Once you see one, you have to have them all!
 333 005 Cat Paws are fur sure to be the life of any party, fill an ordinary with extraordinary moments, strike up conversations with just about anyone, and bring endless joy to everyone, even your beloved four-legged family members! Cat Paws are available at Kmart, Toys “R” Us, and Amazon. For more information click here.

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