Catchy clips is a great new design to help from losing you keys or organize your store cards or credit cards. I am one person who always is losing things in my purse. I never am organized and never put things back in my wallet correctly. I am always digging to find my keys and any things else that is in my purse. The catchy clip has helped me know here my keys are at at all times. You just put you keys on the ring. Attach the clamp incident your purse and magnetize the piece together. It is very easy as just a little pull to get your keys from detaching from the clip.
You can also use the clip to hold your credit cards or store card. Just slip them on the ring. If they do not already have holes you just need to punch a. Small hole in them. The ring has two dividers already included on them so you can separate your cards. This is a great way to keep your cards together and know where they are. For more information click here.

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