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Shoes Laces Can Be Tricky

Having two young children who constantly need me to help them tie their shoes can be quite time consuming and inconvenient on a day to day basis. Even with velcro shoes being an option, sometimes, my kids prefer the traditional shoe laced ones. I know there are modern shoes that create no shoe laces and can just slip them on, but the fits don’t adjust to accommodate all certain feet types. The beauty of Caterpy is that any shoe lace type shoe can be modified for the perfect fit. I am very impressed by the technology of it.

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New Technology Using Bumps

Caterpy is a company that designs elastic laces to help the blood in our feet circulate better. With their new technology, they move the way our feet needs— such as being too restrictive or choking the feet. There is a major plus side in using Caterpy laces, because they can turn our laced shoes into slip ons! There would then be no need for tying knots as the Caterpy laces move with the feet tension as needed.

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How To Incorporate Them

The way Caterpy laces work is that they have an elastic bump through the lace that secures tension in each row of the shoe. The shoe then is secured to the feet more reliably than having shoe laces that tie together.  Caterpy laces are nylon and stretch pretty well. You would receive a thirty inch length pair of laces. The store carries twenty two different colors depending on your mood. They have an inside rubber core that provides the tension for the shoe lace.

When you draw them through your shoe, you can choose whether you would like a tighter or looser fit. This is done by creating the tension desired from the shoe lace. For styling options, you can leave the ends of the laces tucked into your shoes or just hanging out. You would cut them at the ends to your comfort level. What is recommended is to leave at least two or three bumps out of the last eyelet and then cut between the bump.

Caterpy laces compared to other lace brands out there have shown to out last them. They also do not fray past a bump, as well as being approved by podiatrist and sports medicine doctors.

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