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Causes for Blocked Kitchen Drain and How to Remove Them



When you realize the warning of a kitchen, you are able to fix this soon before facing major problems. A kitchen is a place where all sorts of vegetables, spices, lentils and a lot more is used and while washing these, there are chances of a little bit falling into the drain, partially blocking it. This is unwanted and it also causes a foul odor or probably even diseases if not cleared immediately. You also need to be aware that a blocked kitchen drain if not attended immediately can cause the pipe to burst, causing more trouble. The first sign that you are heading for a blocked kitchen drain is the water gurgling down slowly instead of flowing freely. A few tips can be helpful for these blockages before you land in an emergency.

#Trying Vinegar and Baking Soda

You are required to mix 1/3 cup of vinegar with the same amount of baking soda and without any wastage of time, you need to pour it down the drain. The fizzing action of these two ingredients removes gunk, grime or whatever residues are present in the pipe. You can let this be for an hour or so but having it overnight is the best option. After which, you can flush this down with warm water.

#The Wire Hanger which is bent

A regular hangar made of wire needs to be straightened out. Bending one end to create a hook, you need to push this over the cover of the drain and start fishing. This can pull out all that is stuck in the drain. You need to pull out the gunk and not push it down further. After you have managed to get out most of it, you can then pour the hot water to clear up the residue.

#The Pipe being cleaned

There is a pipe which is shaped like a U; you need to keep an empty bucket underneath this, then using a wrench of a plumber you will need to loosen the slip nuts located at both the ends of the pipe. Once the trap is free, turn it upside down after removing it and empty the contents into the bucket. You also need to make sure that there is no debris by using the pipes. The gunk which seems to be tough can be taken out with the help of an old toothbrush. After this, rinse the trap with clear water and it is done.




What can cause kitchen drains to block

Being able to dispose of waste in the right manner can successfully prevent your kitchen drain being blocked. You should avoid feeding certain debris to the drain so that they can work efficiently. You need to be aware that grease, though in the liquid form, tends to harden when cooled. Pouring this down the drain is surely the right way to block it. You can think of pouring the waste grease in old containers and putting them in the trash. Eggshells and coffee grains can be put in the garden and not down the drain. These can work as fertilizers which are eco-friendly. Beans, potatoes, rice or pasta tend to expand when water is mixed with them and are able to coat inside of the kitchen drain pipes. Making sure of this preventive measure you are saved from the hassles of a blocked kitchen drain.

If nothing seems to work, you can think of calling for professionals that can unblock the kitchen drain in a jiffy. This might cost a little bit but it is totally worth the money spent as you would not like to spend even a few hours with a blocked kitchen drain and the foul odo