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CBD Bath Bombs Are Da Bomb!

These Home-Grown CBD Bath Bombs Are Da Bomb! Made In The USA And Full Of Quality Ingredients – You'll Love The Relaxation You Get From These

Have you used bath bombs yet?  I have tried various brands of CBD bath bombs, but I'm being honest when I say that these are Da Bomb!  If you're looking for full quality, home-grown bath products and other CBD items, look no further than Tikva!  This company has set a new higher standard when it comes to producing/extracting CBD.  They sent me their Lavender and Eucalyptus Bath Bombs.  When you want relaxation and an escape from your hectic life, use these and you'll be whisked away to another dimension.  But it's not fair to keep them all for yourself because they would be great to give as Christmas gifts…there's still time!  They make a great stocking stuffer too, not to mention, they're made in the USA.

What's In These Bath Bombs To Make Them Da Bomb?

Tikva only sells premium, quality CBD items and you can feel good because everything is all natural.  Each 4.5 oz. bath bomb is made with 125mg Panaxia's premium full spectrum CBD oil.  They combine the best of the CBD and the healing benefits of eucalyptus (or lavender) to make an amazingly relaxing experience.  Not to mention that they also include aromatherapy and essential oils, which means you're getting the best of everything!  There is a reason that CBD has blown up recently.  I believe it's mainly because of the health benefits you receive, not to mention, it helps mostly all ailments in some way or another.

Can CBD Make Me High?

This is a question that gets asked a lot.  The answer is absolutely NOT!  The CBD that is extracted from the hemp plant doesn't contain THC.  THC is the chemical that produces the head high that weed users enjoy.  Since THC is illegal in a lot of states, Tikva follows strict guidelines to make sure you won't get a product that contains this at all.  Please enjoy the benefits of CBD without any worry of getting a high.  I've been using it for years and have never ran into this problem.

Just a quick note on why I use CBD.  I have anxiety and depression, which makes me have panic attacks.  CBD is the only thing that I can use right now to relax and calm that “fight or flight” response my body has.  It has helped me quite a bit.  I won't lie by telling you it's alleviated all of my symptoms, because it hasn't.  However, it has helped.

Enjoy some Tikva CBD products or buy gifts for the holidays!  Happy Holidays from all of us.

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