CBD and hemp-derived products offer many possible benefits, from sleep and pain relief to easing social anxiety and getting you high. Both are increasingly popular because they are easy to dose (no droppers or measuring necessary), portable, and taste great. However, you might wonder, how do exactly CBD gummies differ from hemp-derived gummies? Here we explain what sets CBD edibles apart from hemp derivatives in terms of ingredients, effects, benefits, and legal status.

The main difference

CBD gummies and hemp-derived gummies are both produced from federally legal hemp. However, the production process, primary cannabinoids, and experiences are entirely different. As a result, the main distinction is that CBD gummies contain hemp-extracted CBD as the primary cannabinoid and do not get you high. On the other hand, hemp-derived gummies typically include a mix of psychoactive THC molecules like Delta-8, Delta-9, or Delta-10 produced through a legal chemical conversion process.  

How are the extraction methods different?

CBD and hemp-derived gummies both come from hemp. But the extraction methods are very different.

CBD Gummies

Hemp strains can contain up to 20% concentration of CBD. As a result, CBD gummies manufacturers easily extract the cannabinoid directly from the plant using one of the standard processing methods.

●  Solvent extraction utilizes chemicals such as butane, ethanol, isopropyl, propane, or alcohol to separate CBD from the plant matter, allowing it to collect into a concentrated resin.

●  CO2 extraction uses pressurized carbon dioxide to pull CBD from raw hemp plant material.

Hemp-derived gummies

Unlike CBD, Delta-8, Delta-9, and Delt-10 appear in such trace quantities that it would be impossible to pull these compounds directly from hemp plants. As a result, manufacturers first isolate CBD from hemp (using one of the methods above), then use acids like heptane or toluene in a process called “isomerization” to convert CBD into a delta-8, delta-10 or delta-9 distillate. Ah, the magic of chemistry.

How are the effects different?

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies will not get you high, but they are mildly “psychoactive.” As a result, these products tend to have relaxing and calming effects that can ease anxiety and combat stress. CBD’s known anti-inflammatory properties can also target pain, muscle soreness, and disease.

Hemp-derived gummies

Most hemp-derived gummies, on the other hand, elicit experiences more akin to marijuana. Featuring hemp-derived THC compounds like Delta-9, Delta-8, and Delta-10, these products yield strong psychoactive effects like elation, talkativeness, and laughter. Delta-9 is the strongest of the three, but all THC isomers deliver noticeable effects. For example:

●  Most people describe hemp-derived Delta-8 gummies as relaxing, sedative, and calming. These reviews are reminiscent of Indica cannabis strains, providing feelings of relief and peacefulness.

●  On the other hand, Delta-10 reviews indicate this compound is more stimulating, similar to Sativa cannabis strains. Users associate Delta-10 with energy, creativity, and increased focus and well-being.

What uses and benefits do they have?

Both CBD and hemp-derived gummies offer many potential therapeutic and mood-lifting benefits. Research shows CBD positively affects pain, nausea, and some chronic conditions.

CBD gummies can help with:

●  Inflammation issues

●  Pain relief

●  Treating psychotic disorders

●  Reducing anxiety

●  Promoting sleep and rest

Hemp-derived Delta-9 THC gummies are also known for helping with pain, sleep disorders, and loss of appetites. Research indicates additional benefits may include:

●  Pain and inflammation relief

●  Reducing cramps and muscle pain

●  Improving appetite

●  Easing stress and anxiety

●  Improving sleep and relaxation

●  Enhancing creativity

Delta-8 THC also shows anti-inflammatory properties and potential in treating pain and anxiety. Its effects are slower and more subtle than Delta-9, but this can benefit people looking for a mild high. Delta-8 users typically report:

●  Clear-headed high

●  Mood boost

●  Feelings of relaxation, comfort, and calmness

●  Better focus and concentration

●  Improved appetite

●  Reduced nausea 

Delta-10 THC also shows the potential to relieve stress and help you feel relaxed. Hemp-derived Delta-10 gummies users say they feel uplifted and energized, making these products popular for daytime use with people who have stuff to do, such as before work or a gym session.

Are CBD and hemp gummies legal?

CBD and hemp-derived THC gummies are legal to sell, buy, and possess in most states. The federal government legalized hemp and all compounds and derivatives when it passed the 2018 Farm Bill. According to the bill’s language, all hemp extracts, like these delta-9 products online, are permissible if they contain no more than 0.3% delta-9 THC by dry weight.

This definition makes Delta-9, Delta-8, and Delta-10 federally legal in most cases. However, some states are cracking down by passing laws that explicitly ban Delta-8 and Delta-10products. Because of this regulatory uncertainty, It’s important to check local laws before purchasing these products in your state.

The Bottom Line

CBD and hemp-derived gummies are both hemp products. However, “hemp-derived” products typically refer to Delta-8, Delta-10, or Delta-9 extracts that fall under the 2018 Farm Bill’s legal designation. These products are legal to ingest, and they will get you high. In fact, the high is the point for most people. On the other hand, CBD products are more for therapeutic purposes like stress, anxiety, and pain. Both are extremely powerful in their own ways and beneficial depending on your goals and desired experience.  

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