Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Satisfaction at it’s Best

There is so much physical pain going on. Whether you have a condition or are growing older, pain arises more often than not. Hence, you would crave a pain reliever. I am not the type who always opts in for prescription medication. I tend to lean in toward more natural remedies if I can help it. Learning about CBD, short for Cannabidiol, has became a household word in my home. Both my husband I use CBD as a natural remedy for some of our ailments. Biofit 360 creates clean, non addictive products that provide relief from pain.

What I love about Biofit 360 is their amazing CBD chocolates. These chocolates are a tasty treat for a quick indulgence, but also act as a pain killer. The chocolates are THC free, so they can not get you high. Each chocolate is a heart shaped bite at .32 ounces with fifteen milligrams of CBD. The chocolate set comes in a lovely red envelope with ribbon, and a mix of five dark chocolates and four milk chocolates. 

For me, Biofit 360 is a revolutionary way to create helpful medicines that are safer, healthier, and more relaxing to use. I have had chronic sciatic pain for over twenty years. My pain can last weeks. But using something as simple as CBD helps take the chronic edge away. For me, how fun and cute is it to eat something that takes pain away and satisfies your sweet tooth? These chocolates are the perfect gifts on Valentines Day.

Many people confuse the marijuana plant for CBD, but CBD contains less than point three percent of tetrahydrocannabinol, so consuming the chocolates will not alter your psyche. CBD can help with inflammation, acne, diabetes, anxiety, and a myriad of other ailments. Think about it, a chocolate that can help with your mood, heart rate, and blood pressure while tasting delicious. Keep most for yourself or share with your loved one!

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