I love to celebrate pretty much anything, and if there is nothing to celebrate I will find something.  What is better than a nice celebration with family or friends, or both?  Getting together and having a nice visit is always an enjoyable experience, and what is better than opening up a nice bottle of bubbly or wine to share that experience.

Cuvee Deor, The Gold Collection, comes in a Gold Sparkling Wine and a Pink Sparkling Wine.  I love to start off dinner parties especially with a little toast, and this is perfect.  The bottle is so pretty I even hate to throw it out, and I get the pink not only because the bottle is so pretty, but the pink sparkling wine is a great change from the regular sparkling wine I usually see, which is the gold.  Of course, the gold is also available!

You can never go wrong with Prosecco.  Nobilissima Prosecco is great, and I love it for brunches, especially to make  mimosas.  I will never mix orange juice with anything else ever again after I tried it with this.  It was so good which just proves that the type of spirit used DOES matter whether you are mixing it or not.  Of course, this tastes great just by itself too so if you are not into the mimosa thing (myself I have to be in the mood for it) you don't have to worry about trying to mask the flavor with orange juice, which is what a lot of people do when they have something that does not taste good on its own, by the way.

Okay so you toasted, drank the sparkling wine or Prosecco, and now what?  You move to wine of course!  For a nice red wine, I like Purple Heart.  It is a blend of Merlot, Zinfandel, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Franc.

Maybe it is just because I have family in the military who had served in World War II and Vietnam, but this brand caught my eye right away.  Purple Heart Wines also makes an annual donation to the Purple Heart Foundation, so I know that my support in buying this wine is also going to a good cause.  It does not hurt that it is also a really good wine!

This was another wine that caught my eye.  Welcome Spring.  Well here where it is still snowing I am still waiting even though spring has already arrived (someone needs to tell Mother Nature), this is a nice fresh, crispy chardonnay and the bottle is a great conversation piece because everyone has to stop and pick it up when they see it.  Not only is Chardonnay light and crisp, but it is also used (at least in my case) a lot for cooking.  Just like above where I said that if you are mixing does not mean you can buy something subpar, the same goes for cooking.  I have had Chardonnays that I hated and ended up using them for cooking and guess what, it did not taste any better in the food.  Since when you cook you are essentially getting the flavor, I learned real quick that if I will not drink it, I should not cook with it.

Rose wine holds a special place in my heart. My Italian grandmother every single week on Sunday when we had dinner would have her wine and it would usually be Rose wine.  I don't really notice it too much anymore, usually the red and white varieties, so when I saw Tenshen Rose wine, I got nostalgic and had to grab it.  It is a  refreshing wine, milder than red obviously, and a nice change from the regular red and white varieties sometimes for something a little different.

Next time you are having a celebration, whether you want sparkling wine, prosecco, or a red wine, chardonnay, or rose wine, check out any or all of the above ideas. Any of these would also make a great gift for Mother's Day, and for Father's Day, especially the Purple Heart wine.

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