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Celebration Decoration

I love celebrating the holidays. Especially Easter and Christmas. They are the day Jesus was born and the day he rose again. I also love to decorate for the holidays and this towel is just the cat’s meow. Of course, we really don’t need anything with our last name on it as who can forget their own last name but I just love how the lettering goes with the egg on the towel and the whole thing actually goes real well with my kitchen decor.

I know they are decorative but they come in handy for drying wet hands if nothing else is readily available. I don’t use them if hands are stained or dirty but just to dry your hands after washing them is ok by me.

Egyptian Cotton Huck towel is a fabulous accent towel for the kitchen or the powder room. The holiday themes are especially fun to create that festive atmosphere with one small change of a towel. Functional and durable and holds up well in the laundry. The towel measures 17″ x 22″ approximately. You have the option to add a family name to the bottom of the applique to add that personal touch for an additional charge. This personalization would be added within an inch below the themed applique. Applique comes as shown – no fabric or thread color available on this item.

Sometimes I don’t feel up to decorating like this past Christmas. The whole family was sick the whole two weeks that the kids were on Christmas vacation. We didn’t even have a tree last year. But it is so easy to just put out these towels that I at least did that much. It made the holiday a little better.

I can’t wait until this Christmas when I can go full out with my decorating and put these towels out all over the kitchen and bathrooms.

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