The last few fundraisers at school have included winning some silly little keychain rubber ducks that the kids are apparently gah gah over. Oh they are cute, I will give them that they have different ones like Bat-duck, Cowboy-duck and Super-duck, All the kids in the school love putting them on their bags for display when they win one! Yep everyone has gone to the ducks! Now even the library is handing out larger full sized “fun” duckies as prizes. I have even caught teachers and parents in on the duck craze (no joke, the ducks are addicting!). IMG_20151227_140353682I just found the duckiest of all rubber ducks! Oh yeah how cool am I? They are called Celebriducks and they make those tiny key chain ducks look like childsplay. They are made right here in the United States in New York and are actually mass produced on a production line by people not machines (wow I am shocked). There is a your regular duck who is always a fan favorite! Then the Good Duck who is perfectly safe for your baby duck! and of course the picece de resistance the Celebriduck that comes in a multitude of characters that you could easily get carried away!

Because Celebriducks are full sized and will float no matter how you throw them in they are sealed and therefore will not get gross and nasty should you actually want to take a bath with it instead of just collect them, after all they are made for bath time! There are mountains of different ducks categories to choose:

  • Custom Quakers- your movie/TV themed ducks
  • Movie Star Ducks- include Mr. T and Marilyn Monroe
  • Musician Ducks- include Gene Simmons, Elvis and James Brown
  • Food Ducks- include Holy Smoker Pig and Cupcake Canard Cupcake Lover's Duck
  • Animated Ducks- include Betty Boop and the Pink Panther
  • Historical Ducks- include Bill Clinton and Queen Elizabeth
  • College Mascot Ducks
  • Storybook and Literary Ducks
  • and more

As I mentioned earlier if you have little one's they do have a great duck available that will not get disgusting like some bath toys get. You know the one's that after a while squirt out slime even though you have cleaned them as much as possible. The Good Duck is perfect for babies and little one's because:

  • 100% handmade in the US
  • PVC Free – Phthalate Free – BPA Free-means bye bye icky chemicals
  • Medical and Food Grade Materials
  • Safe for babies to teethe on
  • Soft to the touch
  • Recyclable- bonus for the environment!!
  • Completely Sealed to keep out water- no Mold or yukky slime!
  • Comes in a bright colorful gift box
  • Latex Free
  • Paint Free

Visit to see all the fun ducks and let us know what your favorite Celebriduck is!

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