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I remember when I got my first cell phone.  I had to have one.  I thought it was the best thing, and it was only able to make phone calls  My first cell phone was literally a brick.  It was huge and heavy.  Much has changed now with cell phones, not only are they lighter and smaller but now I can do pretty much anything on one without having to start up my computer or wait until I am near one.  The only problem is that having a cell phone is EXPENSIVE! The monthly rates are really ridiculous.


I had studied different plans and many were around the same as far as pricing went and all, which is why I was so pleasantly surprised when I found T-Mobile. Not only does T-Mobile not lock you into a contract, but you get unlimited data so I do not need to worry about going over the data limit and paying extra money that I was not budgeting as part of my monthly fee (and with a teenager going over the limit is very easy to do no matter how much I nag not to use the data!).  They also use 4G LTE coverage so the argument that I remember from other carriers that they were the only ones to have this coverage now does not hold water.

For me, I have been noticing that my AT&T bill has become higher lately. My plan is unlimited text and talk but no data, so they have been adding more money monthly and I never knew.

But now T-Mobile has gone one step further by rolling out a new program called T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ which is specially designed for people 55 years and older.  Let's face it, I could hardly afford other carrier's fees with a full-time job and worrying about going over on data, imagine how it is for people who are on a fixed income like many retirees and yes they use their cell phones and text and data too, maybe more so than others! This almost makes me wish I was 55 already (but I am not rushing it!).



The T-Mobile ONE program is $50 for the first line and $60 for two lines – and taxes and fees are INCLUDED IN THAT!!! Yes I get excited when I see that because that is bananas.  No added on taxes or fees?   I did not even know that existed before T-Mobile! New customers can stop at a T-Mobile store to sign up and if you already have T-Mobile as your carrier and are 55 or older, you can sign up by calling 1.800.TMOBILE, going to the T-Mobile website, or visiting a local retail store. 


This includes unlimited text, talk, and data, and includes ALL these Un-carrier benefits that T-Mobile provides at no extra cost, which includes:

  • Simple Global: unlimited text and data roaming and low flat-rate calling in 140+ countries
  • Mobile Without Borders: use your device in Mexico and Canada like you're at home
  • Gogo Inflight: get unlimited texting all flight long and 1 free hour of smartphone Wi-Fi on all domestic flights
  • DIGITS: use up to five numbers on one device, or use one number on multiple devices
  • Mobile Hotspot: connect all your devices to the internet with included tethering data
  • Un-contract: only you have the power to change the price you pay
  • Carrier Freedom: we help cover your switching costs
  • T-Mobile Tuesdays: get thanked with free stuff every week just for being a customer

There is really no reason I can think of to pay extra money for the same service that T-Mobile is offering, plus all those Un-carrier perks they offer regardless of whether you are 55 and qualify for the T-Mobile ONE plan or you are not 55 and just go with T-Mobile.  Check out T-Mobile for yourself and see what they can offer you because every penny counts!


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