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It is summertime! I am so thrilled to have my Chalk of the Town shirt to rock this season. Not only is it fun to wear, but it is now my fun go-to item for gift giving. The chalkboard aspect of the items that come from Chalk of the Town add that special touch.

Brightly Colored

Here is what I mean: I own a flirty green Chalk of the Town shirt with a chalkboard talking bubble. The shirt comes with three water-based markers that you can use to draw or write on the chalkboard surface area of the T-shirt. I designed my shirt with a cute pie drawing and the phrase “Dreaming of pie!”. What is additionally special about this shirt, is if you get tired of your drawing or what was written, you can easily change it. All it takes is a simple damp cloth and you can wipe the surface clean. I appreciate how user friendly the shirt is. Once I draw or write on my shirt all I do is wait a few minutes and it is ready to wear, it is totally smudge-proof!


The Chalk of the Town shirt comes in youth and adult sizes. The company also has a variety of chalkboard shapes to choose from. If you are not much of an art person, they have stencils available for an immediate design. The company has additional markers for purchase and tote bags that can be designed too.

It has been so entertaining to rock my shirt while out and about. I write my favorite book quotes to see if anyone else recognizes them. It has been so fun to announce special days, like my birthday! My family gets a kick out of it during sports game. I cheer on my favorite sports team by drawing their logo on my shirt. I am thrilled to have a shirt that I can personalize endlessly, and I cannot wait to get some for my friends and family.

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