Challenges Faced by Parents of Children with Cerebral Palsy


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Parenting is a joyous journey, but caring for a child with disabilities can be emotionally and physically draining. For instance, raising a child with cerebral palsy (CP) requires awareness and extra effort, known as a group of disorders. It affects the child’s ability to move and maintain posture. Today, unfortunately, many kids have cerebral palsy. 

The term “Cerebral” is referred to the brain, while “Palsy” means weakness to use the muscles. The needs of children having CP are exceptionally different from normal children. They require special care and attention from parents and the people in their surroundings. Parents also have to focus on proper diagnosis to ensure the best care for their child’s condition. 

Raising a child with CP brings immense challenges for the entire family. According to research, a child with special needs is more prone to suicide, depression, relationship issues, and so forth. As a parent, you need to embrace positivity to plan your child’s future properly. It is essential to draw inspiration from such people who are facing the same challenges. Here are some of the challenges faced by parents of children with cerebral palsy. 


Family Relationship Challenges 

The upbringing of a child having cerebral palsy requires more resources and energy, which ultimately affects family relationships. As a parent, you should learn more through online resources about leading a stress-free family life with such challenges. Families encounter issues when all the attention and care is given to one child in the family. 

The relationship between the husband and wife starts to deteriorate, and even siblings begin developing jealousy. A viable way to deal with such issues is to understand that we all can live without additional attention, love, and care. But the child who’s suffering from cerebral palsy deserves all of this more than anyone in the family. By developing this mutual understanding, you can efficiently sort out all the family issues and focus on your child’s condition. 


Social Challenges

In most cases, kids having special needs require specialized education that separates them from other kids. Separation from other kids and unique treatments can make it difficult for a child to socialize with others, isolating them from others. It negatively impacts the psychological and emotional state of parents and the child with special needs. 

One of the biggest challenges for parents is to help their children adjust to society and maintain their emotional stability. It would help if you looked for specialized programs to get in touch with experts who can help you overcome such challenges. 


Safety Concern for Child 

Being the parent of a child having cerebral palsy will have you constantly worrying along with an occupied mind. Your primary concern will be the child’s safety because you cannot leave them alone, even for a few moments. You have to stay with your kid 24/7 to ensure they get whatever they need and don’t fall victim to bullying. 

If you cannot be with your child due to professional obligations, you need to hire someone to care for them. 


Lack of Empathy from Others

Most of the families raising a disabled child face a lack of understanding and empathy from others. They fail to understand the issues and challenges you face regularly. At times you might not attend the neighbor’s birthday party because it is inaccessible for your child or is too loud for them. In such instances, you require empathy and understanding from others, which is hard to come by these days.

Empathy from others gives parents encouragement to fulfill the responsibilities of their child efficiently. 


Meeting with other parents 

Meeting parents with physically fit children can take a massive toll on you because they cannot understand your issues. It can be heart-wrenching for you to hear the achievements and stories of their children. At times, you might even feel depressed because of your current situation. 

You may even begin questioning your situation. Therefore, it would do you good if you maintained the company of encouraging and motivating people. They’ll help you navigate the challenges you face in upbringing your child while also lending empathetic support. 


Communication Challenges 

Communication is undeniably a tremendous challenge for parents raising a child with cerebral palsy. As a parent, you can communicate with your child without any barriers. But your child might face issues in socializing and gelling well with people. 

Different communication diaries and language programs like Makaton can help you resolve such communication issues. 



Apart from the challenges, it can be excruciating for any parent to see their child not living a normal life. Parents raising a child with cerebral palsy have to stay determined and focused on growing their child positively. 

As a parent, you are supposed to protect the dignity of your unique child. Besides, love is the most potent force, and constantly providing it to your child will help them live a happier life. By seeing your child happy, you will also overcome your anxiety and depression. 


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