Change Your Mood By The Flip Of Your Wristband

Change Your Mood By The Flip Of Your Wristband

If you're a human being then you're filled with many emotions.  If you're not, then welcome to Earth and I'm not sure what you feel (haha).  Unfortunately, our emotions can get in the way and make us moody.  What can bring you out of a bad mood?  Well, we can use our minds and think about gratitude or it could be something as simple as reading a happy quote.  This is what Refocus Bands are all about.  You can wear their wristbands as a pretty accessory or you can flip it over and wear it as a happy reminder to appreciate life and everything that comes with that.  There are lots of decorative bands and sayings to choose from and I love the ones I received!

Change Your Mood

Refocus Your Thoughts

As with any kind of thoughts (bad or good) we have the power to simply change them.  By refocusing your brain you can change how you feel or think about a certain problem in your life.  It doesn't even have to be a problem, it can be life itself.  We all know that life can throw all of us curve balls and that's certainly no fun.  But, it's how you respond that's going to determine how your day (or life) will go.  Take it from someone that deals with depression and anxiety on a daily basis.  If you can refocus your thoughts to be more positive you can literally change your life!  Obviously, that's easier said than done.  It definitely takes practice but these wristbands can help.

Change Your Mood

Too Many Negative Thoughts

We have so many thoughts that come and go throughout the day it's almost unbelievable.  Unfortunately, most of those are negative.  We have been taught to negatively self-talk since we were little.  When you cried you were told to stop.  If you told on someone you were called a tattle-tale.  Even in a healthy family dynamic, you were taught negative, unhealthy self-talk.  Imagine how hard it is for the people that grew up in dysfunctional families.  Don't worry, there is hope!  Now that we're adults we can change that negative nagging into positive reinforcement.  Believe it or not, it will help you in the long run!

These beautiful Refocus Bands make great gifts for college kids, teachers, parents, and anyone that has thoughts.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

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Change Your Mood

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