Hair.  What style to put it in.  Styling.  Curling.  Blow drying. Straightening.  You have short hair and would like to change it up once in a while. Or maybe you have longer hair, but it’s not as full as you would like so you can’t do what you would like to with it.  Hair extensions are where it’s at. Wheat Hair – Virgin Hair Extensions are a new thing and really great . As well as the ones you  clip in, and you can change your hair whenever you want. It’s so easy to change up your hair style without having to wait for it to grow or trying to use all those fancy expensive methods to try to thicken your hair.  Maybe you want to add a different color to your hair.  At you can get hair extensions for less than the price of a color.  The best part is, you can use them over and over again.  Going to a salon to have your hair done is expensive. Color only lasts for so long, any styling they do as soon as you wash it is done with.  With tape in hair extensions, you can have the same style again when you want it!


Breast cancer month – people are dying their hair pink for the cause, but hair color damages your hair.  You can get pink extensions and have them again for next year (or Easter!).  They have purple.  I know I wanted purple hair.  But what if I color it, spend all that money, and then I have to wait to get rid of it.  And when it fades the color can look very bad but what can you do at that point other than wait? With the extensions, I buy it, wear it, take it out, and then wear it when I want to again.  The next time I wear it, it will still be purple as the day I first wore it and not faded.  For me, the best way to achieve the long hair look is with the

human hair ponytail , makes it look like I have longer hair.


Maybe you don’t want to be that out there with your hair color. There are plenty of colors to choose from so you can get as close to your hair color to make your hair fuller or a different color to highlight.  No touch-ups are ever needed, the color stays.  It is made from human hair, so it looks natural.  If you don’t want clip in, they have a weave and tape-in options also but either way the color is not going to fade.  Also, you are not damaging your hair with the curling iron, blow drying, flat iron  – all that wreak havoc on your hair. For the more natural look, with out having to go through so much, the Clip in Hair Extension, and u part wigs, are the way to go. The hair looks and feels so soft.


Curly, straight, wavy and everything in between – you can change your hair every day if you wanted to without having to spend hours styling it.  Short hair is the easiest to manage and low maintenance, but sometimes you want that long hair.  Now you can have your short hair, and nobody will know you did not spend hours styling your hair! No curling irons, no flat irons, no blow drying – just an easy transition!

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