There are so many things that I have that I need to charge.   Nothing I own even lasts that long and I have to charge multiple times.  I don't know if that is saying that I use these things way too much but be that as it may, for whatever reason I find that I always need to have a charger on hand with me.  The problem with that is, so do my children.  And the person that is riding in my car with me. Even sometimes someone that “forgot” their own.


The biggest problem is when I am in the car because while I do have extra chargers at home, I only have one place to plug in a charger in my car.  RapidX is my most favorite thing to leave in my car now.  It has 5 USB ports so five people can charge things, or at least I can charge more than one thing myself.  Sometimes I have my camera with me and now I do not need to choose whether I am going to charge my camera and have my phone die when I arrive somewhere, or just forgo the camera and take pics with my phone and maybe not get them as nice as I would want.  I think the most ingenious thing about RapidX though is that while it charges 5 devices at once, it has 2 front seat ports and 3 back seat ports. It is actually long enough that it can reach into the back seat and they can charge.  I cannot tell you how many times we were on long car trips and the back seat passengers would be using their phone or iPad or reading a book on their Kindle and have to stop because their battery was low.  Then they would bug me and I would have to unplug my device to charge theirs for a bit so  they could continue to be occupied.  Because this stretches in the back, they can also use the device while it is charging and they do not have  to wait (and I do not have to start hearing “how much longer” because they are bored).

For those safety minded people, now hopefully you would never need this but there is also the Xscape Dual Charger. This will charge 2 devices at one time, but it also has a safety cutter in case you have to cut your seatbelt and also a safety hammer so you can break the windows of your car. Now like I said hopefully you would never need these but knowing that you do just in the off chance that there is an emergency it is nice to know you have it and it will be right there for you, not fumbling around for cutters or something to break a window with.  I know I am talking extreme here and the chances are you would never need it but with the  capability to charge 2 devices at one time and the added safety features I  like that.

Nobody needs to fight over the charger in your car anymore (or the socket to plug it into) and even if you are by yourself you will be able to charge more than one thing with either of the chargers above!

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