Power Perch is a charging shelf you can add to any single outlet. Use it as a charging station for your electronics that need easy access to an outlet. Perfect for your smart phones, tablets, small laptops, MP3 players…..and of course your beard trimmer. Now available for double outlets and horizontal outlets!

I really like that I now have a place to put my phone and tablet instead of taking up all the space on my nightstand. I have other things that I need to close by that are on my nightstand. These things are just as important if not more so. And I just really like that my phone and tablet can be out of the way. Also, it can be kept from always falling to the floor when I am reaching for something on my side table during the night.

It really was very easy to install. I really like when I can do things myself and not have to bother my husband with anything extra. And I really like that there are no extra holes to have to put in the walls. No more damage to the walls. Everyone in the family has one in each of their rooms for their phones. We all really like that we can put our phones in a seperate place for each other and out of the way from everything else.

Use Power Perch in the kitchen to charge your tablet or phone to keep your kitchen counter top organized. Use Power Perch in the bathroom to charge your beard trimmer or electric razor to keep your counter top organized. Use Power Perch in the garage to charge your power tool batteries to keep your bench top organized. Use Power Perch on your light switch to keep your on-the-go items handy on the way out the door.


Go online and see all the other things that they have along with this shelving and keep up to date on social media.

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