Cheese.  I absolutely love it.  I am telling you, I do not think there is one day where I do not eat some cheese in one form or another. It is so versatile and pretty much complements anything.

When company comes over or friends stop by, I cut up some cheese.  When people have wine tastings, what is always paired with it? Exactly.



As obsessed as I am with cheese, it is always in my house.  Seriously, it is great as a snack, as mentioned above  if someone drops in and you want to put something out, or just to use in recipes or adding to my meals.  I put it on salad, pasta, you name it – and I am not talking about the parmesan that comes in a shaker from my local grocery store.  I am not knocking that, if you like it that is great, but I just like something more authentic and not processed.


Roth cheese has a wonderful variety of cheeses made in Switzerland and specialty cheeses from Wisconsin which include Havarti, Petite Swiss, Gouda, Buttermilk Blue to name a few.  They even have shreds if you want it already done for you.  The one cheese  that has become my new obsession is Fontina – and they have that too – which I cannot even explain to you but it is awesome for dips and melting – you would just have to try it, I could never give it justice by describing it.  For those who would rather eat organic cheeses, they have organic cheeses available in Gouda, Grand Cru, Havarti, and Cheddar.

With the holidays rolling around, what better versatile gift than to send a gift basket of 4 cheeses which has four pieces of Roth cheese, and local crackers, jams, and nuts.  The cheeses include Roth Grand Cru Surchoix (which is the world champion by the way so you know it is great), Roth™s Private Reserve, GranQueso, and Sriracha Gouda (SO good!).  It is packaged in Wisconsin so that would be where the “local” part comes in.  Who wouldn't love that, or you can have it shipped I am sure if it is someone that you might not see during the holidays but want to send them something to show you are thinking of them.

Check out Roth cheese for yourself – they even have recipes listed and a search to find where you can buy the cheese in your area.


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