Chemical-Free Fix For Bug Bites

This Unique Invention Will Fix Those Bug Bites Without Using Harmful Chemicals

Most of us would think that we are out of the season of bug bites.  However, you'd be very wrong!  Whether you live in the middle of the United States (I live in Nebraska) or on the edge of the ocean, bugs will bite you no matter what.  Once the weather gets cold here, the spiders come indoors.  Instead of using those harsh chemicals to take away the sting, use this unique invention!  Bite Away has an amazing wand that you hold against your bites.  It uses heat instead of anything harmful.  I'm flabbergasted that you can use this on children, pregnant mommies, and even those with sensitive skin.  I believe they've just changed the bug bites “game”.  Oh, and the wand will easily fit inside of your purse or diaper bags.

Chemical-Free Fix For Bug Bites

Bites Will Feel Better

The Bite Away is a ceramic wand that heats up to approximately 124 degrees.  While holding it against the bug bite or sting, the warm temperature soothes away the pain and itch without chemicals.  You only need to hold it to the skin for 3 to 5 seconds depending on your skin type and it lasts.  There are approximately 300 uses per battery life (takes 2 AA's) and you can take it with you wherever you go!  The batteries are easily replaced.  Imagine taking this with you while camping, beaching, or simply playing outside.  No longer will you have to spray disgusting chemicals all over your skin just to have to shower it off later.  Oh, and no smell either!  Who knew there was something like this out there?  Well, now you do.  One more thing to know, it doesn't hurt at all.  You don't even feel the heat so kids won't freak out when you use it.

Chemical-Free Fix For Bug Bites

Makes A Great Gift

The holidays are creeping upon us, but with the pandemic, it'll be a little different.  So, why not make it easy on yourself and simply order one of these online and send it to a loved one.  Giving them the unique gift of love will show how much you care.  Isn't that why we give gifts in the first place?  To show our love?  This would be perfect for any family!

Chemical-Free Fix For Bug Bites

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