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Cherished Memories Forever With Everlasting Memories Giveaway

How can you take the pain of losing someone away? You actually can never take that pain away from yourself or anyone else. Losing someone puts the biggest hole in your heart, and nothing will ever replace it or mend it.  Our family has had its share of losses, my sister in law after battling cancer, for the third time lost this time, seeing the pain in my brother in laws face, just says it all.

This year for Christmas I wanted to find him the perfect gift, we might be far away but he's always on our minds. What would be the perfect gift, at Everlasting Memories it was simple to choose the one thing that would put a smile on his face.

If pictures can speak a thousand words, this one right here does. This is when he received his special gift from us, a personal surprise. I got to give him, a dog tag with the perfect picture of him and my sister in law smiling, something he can cherish forever.

The large dog tag is made with a needle that makes 1000 tiny impressions onto the medal, that creates your picture of your loved one.

Everlasting Memories has so many beautiful products, that there is something for everyone, keychains, cremation jewelry, dog tags, and so much more.  Pendants display the perfect picture of a loved one,  this is truly so perfect, captures what their love was and meant to him.

One of the best parts is you can have anything engraved on them, of course, I had my own message or a message for him placed on the back.



The picture is perfect, every detail of this dog tag is awesome, they put a lot of love into making sure it's all perfect before you receive it.  Making memories and keeping them alive, is the key to going on from day to day. We were able to put a smile on his face, even if it's for a moment.

For all of your memory needs, or if you have that special picture you want to be made into something special, this is where you need to go. All of these are so special and perfect.

And now for the giveaway, one of my lucky readers will win a dog tag for themselves, and you will be able to have it engraved. The US only.