Dr. Cherrye S. Vasquez

Dr Cherrye is such an amazing author. Her books are heartfelt and have meaning as well as purpose. She advocates to create books “that sow”. I love that about her, because what that signifies is instilling strength, character and diversity in the minds of young children. It helps them grow into better people with empathy and compassion for others. If it were up to me, I’d rather choose these types of books for my children to read then other books that don’t build better people. People that will be the future of our world.

Books that Sow Strength, Character, and Diversity

Dr. Cherrye released two books that I would love to share with you about! They will be great for the upcoming holiday season, as we think about our relationship with others, as well as thinking about what gifts we’d like to give to our children.

The Christmas Swap

The first book is “The Christmas Swap”. This book wonders what Mrs. Claus was hearing. Did Santa Claus say he didn’t want to be Santa this year and that she should take the job for him? Everyone in the North Pole couldn’t believe it, especially the Elves! The story has a wonderful plot, and really keeps you on your toes. My children love bedtime stores, and this is definitely a wonderful story to read to my little ones as they dose off to sleep.

Santa's Super Sleigh

The next book I love by Dr. Cherrye is “Santa’s Super Sleigh!” This is such a fun book with beautiful illustration. Did Ms. Caril hear what she thought she heard? Were the reindeers really coming up with an idea to do something that could really change the way Santa does things? Will Santa’s magical ride change? It’s so fun to keep reading and find out how the story ends–with these loyal reindeers and who saves the day!

Find out more at The Christmas Swap | Santa's Super SleighDear Dr. Cherrye

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