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Holiday Gift for Girls- ChickTech’s Soft Circuits Kit

ChickTech’s Soft Circuits Kit

ChickTech’s Soft Circuits Kit

Do you have a curious tween/teen who likes to fiddle with things or wonders how things work? Science and Art are my daughter’s favorite topics, so I know she will love the ChickTech’s Soft Circuits Kit.

This kit is a fun combination of electronics, software, and art!  You will get a box in the mail filled with all kinds of cool stuff to make two items…a LED bracelet and an interactive tote bag. The kit will teach them the basics of electronic circuits and coding with Arduino. No need for them to know anything because the instructions will walk through from start to finish.

The Kit Includes:

  • LilyPad Arduino
  • LilyPad Battery
  • Coin Cell Battery & Battery Holder
  • Buzzer
  • Photo Sensor
  • Snaps
  • Conductive Thread
  • Sewing Needles & Needle Threader
  • 4 alligator clips
  • USB Cable
  • 12 LEDs (6 Different Colors)
  • Resistors
  • Canvas Tote Bag
  • 5 Sheets of Felt

Finished Product

Holiday Gift for Girls- ChickTech’s Soft Circuits Kit

We need more products out here for our GIRLS who like to code. 

Looks fun right….well check out more info on how to get your box or buy one for a GIFT this year!  So worth the price!  Check out how to order HERE. Getting more girls involved in this industry is essential and exciting.  My daughter, she will be taking STEM courses during the holiday vacation, so I’m hoping she will be excited to code and make cool stuff like this!

About ChickTech

ChickTech is a national organization serving thousands of girls and women every year through tech programs and events. I love that my girl has these options and that this kit is geared towards products she will use as a bracelet and tote bag.

ChickTech is a nonprofit dedicated to increasing and retaining the number of women and girls in technology-based careers. Using workshop programs, and access to female role models, ChickTech is sparking interest in STEM fields and ultimately improving female representation in tech.

ChickTech also facilitates hands-on technology-centric events and programs to empower, support, and increase the confidence of women and girls.  I noticed they have a High School program here in the BAY AREA and they are all over the United States so check out HERE.

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