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Children Items You Need to See!

Our children are precious. We want everything that touches our children or that they use to be safe and easy for them, but we also need things that will be easy on us moms too! Anything that makes our lives easier is a win-win situation for them and for us!  I would like to tell you about some products that will make everyone’s life a little easier.

The first one is the Nurture Smart Mobile.  I remember a mobile was so important to keep my baby occupied and comforted and allowed me not to have to spend every minute with them when they were in the crib wanting to get out or having trouble falling asleep.  The Nurture Smart Mobile attaches to the crib but has no removable parts that can fall into the crib.  It has five sound options and timer settings.  It has an adjustable arm so you can make sure your baby sees it perfectly.  Plus is has a night light that shows images of stars and the moon so you are completely covered!



The next thing I want to talk about is the Bamboo Bubby.  If your baby has eczema, you know first hand how terrible it can be for your baby.  You know how terrible you feel when you are itchy, now imagine a little baby with it!  It is a sleep sack made from 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton to keep  your baby comfortable no matter what season it is and prevent the scratching.   If your baby is not uncomfortable, they will get a better night sleep which means in turn you will too! For the daytime, they have Scratch Me Not mitten sleeves so they won’t scratch.  If your baby does not have eczema, the mitten sleeves are still great to prevent thumb sucking or even to keep the hands warm. I used them because mine would always end up scratching their face with their nails – no matter how hard I tried, I would always end up leaving one sharp enough to scratch the face!


Along the same lines of our babies being uncomfortable, nothing is worse than when they are sick.  Not only is it scary, but who wants to see their child not feeling well?  The Sesame Street Smart Ear Thermometer not only looks like Elmo (and let’s face it, the little ones LOVE Elmo), it only takes 1 second to get a reading and the numbers are big so it is easier to read.  Paired with the app, it can keep track of symptoms, remembers previous readings, and the cutest thing is Elmo speaks, giving your child words of encouragement.

andy_evan_tuxedo_vested_one_piece_size_6-12_months isobella_and_chloe_velvet_rose_dress_size_6-12_months

Let’s talk about clothes.  They grow out of them so fast, yet it can cost so much for their clothes.  I hated spending money on clothes I knew they would wear once or twice and then grow out of them.  Why spend so much money on clothes they will only be able to wear a short time when that money could be put to better use? Or the holiday dresses that you know will only be worn once because by the following year it will definitely be too small?  My Kid’s Threads is a designer online consignment store where you can find those great designer clothes for much less than you would pay at a department store.  Plus, when the clothes no longer fit, you can consign them too.  I cannot tell you how many cute outfits I just had to have because I fell in love with them but the season wasn’t right (like a cute short set but it wasn’t summer) and what happens, when it is warm enough to wear it, it no longer fits. Now I have brand new clothes with tags on it still that have never been worn – but now I can recoup some of that money by consigning it, and the person that buys it will be getting a great deal.

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Now, your baby on the other hand is a different story.   Unless it is a special occasion, they are pretty much wearing  the same thing day in and day out.  You want those clothes to be comfortable for them.   Feltman Brothers’ new Pima cotton collection are made for everyday comfort.  The girl’s line has designs like baby chick, blossoms, rosebud, and more.  The boys’s line also has baby chick but also has teddy bear and sailboat.  The clothing is made from high quality cotton grown in Peru.  Your baby will look so cute in the matching hat and romper or gown with a blanket to match!


beru_kids_ecomm_holiday16_maus-151791_web_bc9ac710-cb60-48e3-a12f-ddfc79c9c1ee_large beru_kids_ecomm_holiday16_maus-151878_rev_web_ccc3adfe-ae0b-472c-84d1-8b950574917f_large

Sometimes there are clothing sites that just catch my eye.   Beru Kids is one of them.  First, because they are totally made in the United States, specifically Los Angeles, California.   They pride themselves on the fact that their clothing is made up only of deadstock fabric (which as I understand it is the fabric that is thrown away and not used by other clothing companies but there is nothing wrong with it, it is just extra) and organic cotton because they are committed to having zero waste output.  That’s great because the landfills are already full enough, and why fill it up on perfectly good resources just because another company does not need it?  Beru Kids clothes are so cute, and great for casual wear.


The last thing I want to talk about is activity.  Let’s face it, with devices and video games all the rage now, our children are content with sitting around with their devices and game controls or staring at the TV the only thing that is active about them are their thumbs and eyeballs! Fuzzy Flyers is changing that with Chirpie, the flying, talking bird.  Chirpie is an interactive toy.  Tap it, shake it, toss it, hug it, but you can also play games with Chirpie, either Egg Toss where you toss Chirpie to another person but you have to catch it softly so you don’t “break the egg.”  Every time you do that without breaking the egg, you take a step back.  The other is Sky Bird where you have to keep Chirpie in the air to keep it cool and if it gets too hot, you lose!  Your child will be kept entertained without the TV or the video game and will be moving which is so important for children to be active, especially now that most of the time unfortunately they aren’t. Fuzzy Flyers also has a dog named Coco!


Does your child love to swim and still in diapers , then I hvae a great product to tell you about . Beau & Belle Littles 


Every baby needs a comfortable, long-lasting swim diaper that can grow with them. Putting a twist on the modern swim diaper, Beau & Belle Littles has created a sustainable product that is comfortable yet fitted, lasts longer than the typical three months, and now, they are offering two new fashion-forward designs. The designs are part of a larger product expansion expected to launch early next year.


Check out all these things to make your lives easier and keep your children comfortable and entertained!!

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