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We all know someone who is far away from us via long distance or social distancing. During this precautionary time of the corona virus, many moments have passed by. We have come to celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and other valuable milestones; such as graduation. These people mean the world to us. Allthough we can’t be with them physically, we can be with them in spirit. An amazing way to honor our friends and loved ones during this time of quarantine,  is to send them some chocolates from Chocograms!


Chocograms is a company that features delicious chocolates that come in spheres. The spheres are beautifully made round balls of chocolates filled with other fun confections. Filled with delectables such as M&Ms, milk chocolate covered almonds, or dark chocolate covered cranberries. The spheres can be all dark, all milk, all white or mixed chocolate flavors. There is an option to do a mixture where there can be two of each flavor.

Presents are appreciated, and like a present, the chocograms are gently packaged. They arrive safely contained in a beautiful white tin. The tin is filled with shredded paper and the chocolates are kept securely in place. I appreciated that my box of chocolates arrived in bubble wrap and with a cold ice pack. You can tell that Chocograms takes time in presenting a lovely gift. Whoever the recipient is, they are bound to feel truly special.

Spheres Filled with Good Stuff

Chocograms can make the the tin personalized with whatever festivity you need. Using vinyl stickers, a wonderful message is placed on the lid. I was pleasantly gifted a Happy Mother’s Day tin. It made me feel very special. All Moms deserve chocolate, love, and to be remembered. My favorite chocolate sphere is the white chocolate flavor with dark chocolate dried cranberries. It was such a pleasant combination of flavor.

The fun part was breaking the sphere open and revealing its inside contents. The feeling was like unwrapping  a gift. Furthermore, Chocogram provides party favors that are just as elegant as the spheres! They are glass cups that can be personalized with vinyl stickers too. They are ideal as party favors for baby showers, gender reveals, weddings and corporate parties. Adding hot water or hot milk, there is even a chocogram filled with mini marshmallows that can become a hot cocoa drink. For sure, that combination is so much fun and will be a hit with the kids.

Add Cheer to Other People's Lives

For me, I believe chocograms are the ideal quarantine giftsl. Most of my family are in the medical field and they are the frontline heroes to the pandemic we are in. Healthcare workers would love to open up a chocogram as a thank you to them for their hard work and dedication.

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