Chocolate Molding Made Easy

When it comes to doing things like cooking and crafting my sister does it all, she's great at making designs and she loves to make things with chocolate. Thats why when I saw the EnergyBud Silicone Mold Set, I know it would be perfect for her to play with and make something,


Choose a thicker, durable, and more flexible baking frame. This Chocolate Shaper is made from premium food-grade silicone with an easy to clean and use design for superior practicality. These are great for Halloween and Christmas to make some great decorations. I personally cant wait to see what she comes up with.

It's oven and freezer-safe, so you can easily make a chocolate bomb or any delectable confection. A Versatile Supply: Sphere-shaped cavities designed to let you make various creations! This silicone pan is not just for baking. It even lets you make bath bombs, soaps, scented candles, and more

What I like is shes wanting to make snowmen and these different sizes will come into play. Satisfy every sweet tooth with delightful treats from your kitchen. Create your favorite dome mousse, chocolate bombs, or candies in this versatile silicone mold.

The chocolate comes off super easy and it’s dishwasher safe so super easy to clean. Comes with extra stuff like a reusable bag and a brush ] Making them easy to use time and time again.

Excellent product! Perfect size and shape lot of fun for the kids. Easy to use, fun to decorate very practical piping bag and easy to clean. Their flexibility of the material makes the chocolate treats easy to remove from the mold

Everything you need to make what you want, easy to use and they are great we made chocolate bombs and the kids loved them, reuse them over and over again.


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