Unfortunately, more than 2000 kids under 14 are killed during car crashes every year. Installing a car seat appropriate for your baby's age and size can make a big difference in your child's safety during the drive.


Look at the weight, age and height of your child

There are different types of car seats for children of different age, weight and height:

· Rear-facing car seats are specially meant for new-born babies and infants. You need to leave this seat if your child's head reaches 1 inch below the top of the seat

· Forward facing car seats are for children more than 2 years of age, until they reach the age, height and weight the car seat can hold.

· Booster car seats are for children more than 40 pounds of weight. By 8 years of age, they can start using adult seat belt on the back seat of your car, but not in the front seat. Make sure that shoulder and lap belts fit snugly.

Installation of the car seat: Read the car seat's manual and see if it uses belt system or latch system for installation. Whichever you choose, make sure that there are compatible attachments in your car as well. Follow the instructions carefully to install the car seat correctly.

This article was written for BMW of Towson , you can read the full article here.

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