How would you decide to select your family dog. Many people just choose from past experiences f having the dog growing up or in the past. Thais one way to do it . But there are other ways of going about it too, going to the pet store or an animal shelter and walking past the cages. Granted they are all special and guaranteed you will fall in love with every one of them, this way is as easy as it seems but if you have a child with you the dogs know how to act to win a child's heart.

Then you have the sure-fire way of selecting a family seriously before considering and deciding on any dog becoming your family pet. You need to ask yourself several questions and you need to be honest with yourself.

How much time are you going to actually have for the dog. Some dogs require a lot of attention they are known to get very nervous when they are left alone and become very destructive or mess all over the house. They will chew up things and scratch stuff. I know what that's like my first dog Vicky must have ate 4 of my floors and ruined our mattress because she was left alone.

Some dogs that have longer hair require grooming at least once a week so that their beautiful coats don't become all tangled mess. A dog that spends time in the house needs to be bathed on a daily basis also, brushed, eyes and ears cleaned and teeth cleaned at least once a week.

All dogs require some one on one time everyday talk to them, play with them, scratch behind their ears and ead, feed them and walk them daily, dogs love to be walked and played with outside. Give them snacks and treat them like part of your family. Because in reality they are.

Dogs need space to move around so if you have a big house and yard then a big dog is ideal but if you have a little apartment then a smaller dogs can get exercise by running from room to room. All dogs need exercise to stay healthy and fit.Small dogs still need to be walked . So they can take care of business.

If you have smaller children you need to take that into consideration as well they are sure to be a little rough with the dog,they will wan to carry them and snuggle and dress them up. And expect them to do all of that . Some dogs are laid back and will go along with that There are some dogs that are laid back and love to be held and hugged tight .And there are some  breeds who don't want to be handle at all and become aggressive towards the kids and that's something you don't want. Larger dogs tend to have a good temperament around smaller children but they can also not intentionally hurt them. Any dog under 7 lbs isn't suitable for children under 5.

Dogs have a lot of needs just like humans and you have to be able to be able to take care of them, another thing that needs to be considered
Some are
Purchasing the dog
Shots that will need
Obedience School
Dishes, collars, leashes, toys, beds
Bigger dogs developes hip and bone problems. Some smaller dog breeds especially the ones with short muzzles and large eyes like my poor pug, developes eye and respiratory problems.

In the end its your choice you can also do some back ground and look up all breeds of the dogs you want to find out the best suited for you. And in the end you can decide on the family dog however you want. Hopefully some of the advise I put up helps you.

Remember a dog is a lifetime commitment , a full time not part-time and a big responsibility.

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