Bags are an essential element that everyone needs especially for a woman. They serve as an instrument that carries our daily needs if we go to work, go out shopping, or even going traveling. Tote bags are the most common of bags that every woman carry almost every day because of the fact that it’s versatile and stylish. Tote bags come in just the right size. Not too large as it will disorganized your things and not too small as your essentials won’t fit.

Aside from the fact that tote bags come in different sizes and style, the way you chose a tote bag should complement the way you dress and where you will be going. For girls who are into fashion and dresses most of the time, chose a tote bag that has a refined and crisp design. If you are going to a business meeting, then look for that classic look. Ultimately, there are various types of classifications of tote bags that you can get which suits your style and taste.  Bear in mind that your ability to choose the right tote bag for you will create a great impression only for the people who notice you, but ultimately for yourself.  USimprints – personalized tote bags


If you are having a hard time choosing which tote really fits for you, here are some tote bag classifications you can look into and see how they differ and their overall usage.

The Classic Tote Bag

Classic tote bags are made with exceptional durability, strength, and character. The classic tote bag comes with an excellently arranged compartment that helps you organize your valuables and secured using that zip closure. It has also side pockets included inside where you can separately put your cosmetics and your wallet.


It has also a front pocket included outside where you can place your cellular phones so you can easily get it once you need it.

Large Day/ Travel Tote Bag

If you are planning to travel or wants to have that large day vacation, a travel tote bag best suits for you. It comes with a full leathered grain and with printed fabric which is still highly fashionable when you wear it. The travel tote bag comes also with an adjustable strap which is very flexible especially if you want to carry it in a specific height. It also has a top zip closure which is all ideal for every woman on the go.


Besides, a travel tote bag has a padded compartment that helps you carry things like laptops or iPads that you need to use when you are traveling. Those outside pockets included will also help you carry your essentials like a cellphone, a bottle of water, and other important things you might need as you take your large day ahead.

Business Tote Bag

This is a common tote bag you usually see in every woman working in the corporate world. It has a very functional design, a timeless shape, and a stylish look which makes it very practical and easy to use. The same with other tote bags mentioned above, this comes with great compartments that separate your valuables easily and efficiently.



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