Christmas Gift Ideas: The VIP E-Cigarette

Christmas is always a beautiful time to give out gifts to your friends and family. Moreover, VIP e-cigarettes are some of the best gifts you can give out somebody, especially if he or she wants to quit smoking tobacco. Compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes, VIP e-cigarettes help the smoker to save cash and come in a variety of flavors you can enjoy.

Depending on how much you intend to spend, VIP e-cigarettes come in different sizes as a stocking filler or massive batch of new supplies.According to research, there are different varieties of starter kits, pro kits, flavors, and accessories, and you can’t miss out on VIP e-cigarettes to gift someone who loves vaping.

Here are some of the best e-cigs for Christmas gifts:

VUSE Ciro E-cigarette

Powered by a 2600mAh battery, the VUSE Ciro is a small vape that delivers terrific flavors and vapor. It has a red LED indicator light that blinks several times when the battery is low and when you take a puff. It is affordable and the cartridges have a total capacity of 0.9ml and a nicotine concentration of 15mg.

Vaporfi Express Kit

The Vaporfi Express Kit is known to provide an out of this world vaping experience with quality flavors. It includes a rechargeable 180mAh battery, a USB charger, three mini-clear clearomizers, and one 30ml bottle of custom-blend e-liquid.

MIG CIG Standard E-Cig Starter Kit

This vaping device is ranked as one of the best gadgets on the market today. The Mig Cig Standard e-Cig Starter Kit, which is available at, is consistent, easy to use, and provides proper nicotine delivery. It is available with two batteries, ten cartridges, a charger, and an awesome carrying pouch. It is well-known for its variety of flavors and good nicotine strength.

Factors to consider when buying an e-cigarette

When choosing the best vape to buy as a Christmas gift, here are some of the things you need to consider:


How much are you willing to spend on a vape? E-cigarettes come at different prices ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. For example, a starter kit can cost as little as $60 and can go as much as $100 and beyond. Depending on your financial ability, choose a vape that you can afford, and at the same time, be of value to the person you intend to gift it to.

Heating method

There are two common ways in which e-cigarettes heat e-juice to generate vapor. These two approaches are conduction and convection.

Conduction–The heat source directly vaporizes the e-liquid. Conduction vaporizers are more affordable since they don’t use many parts compared to a convection unit.

Convection–The heat source is transferred indirectly towards the e-juice. This allows for even heating of the e-juice, hence giving you an excellent vaping experience.


Consider buying an e-cigarette that can be carried from one place to another. This will enable the user to enjoy vaping at his or her comfort provided it is legal and he or she doesn't distract people close to him or her.

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