We all know and I truly believe it is so much more fun to give than receive. That is why I typically buy gifts year round for Christmas because I am always looking for deals on the best things to give away! However, when someone wants to give me a gift I typically don't want anything that is not useful. This means no trinkets, no ugly sweaters, no stained glass etches of Santa. If you must buy me something please, please make it a gift I can use! Of course since I ask this of others I give gifts that are equally useful, one great place to find some useful Christmas items this year is Willow and Everett on Amazon.willowandeverettWillow and Everett have a wide array of beautiful, elegant household items that are sure to please anyone who desires a more sustainable gift for Christmas. From beautiful copper mugs to teapots and kettles there is a gift that any home can use. I personally really enjoy the Willow & Everett Teapot Kettle Infuser with Warmer. willowandeverett1The Teapot has both a mixture of  hand blown glass and stainless steel giving it a classic and modern look that will make any Kitchen pop. The pot is large enough for brewing 3-4 cups of tea, making perfect for use when guests are over. The Kettle is the perfect gift for any tea enthusiast or someone who is just starting out with loose leaf teas. With the removable stainless steel mesh infuser you can steep any type of loose tea leaves and brew your tea to any desired strength. willowandeverett2Instead of using a traditional stove top to wait for your water to warm. This glass teakettle is perfect for the Microwave. Simply fill the pot with water, remove the lid and stainless steel infuser and pop it in the microwave to boil your water. Then add your infuser to your kettle of hot water and let it steep. If you desire there is a custom fit tea cozy that goes around the pot to keep is warm longer.  willowandeverett3Best of all should you not like your tea kettle you can get 100% refund within 90 days of purchase–NO QUESTIONS ASKED. There are not too many gifts you can turn back around and give back to the seller for whatever reason. So this is a nice peace of mind feature. But honestly, if you like tea and who doesn't? Your going to love this pot and so will anyone who receives it this Christmas!

Check out willowandeverett.com and tell us what your favorite household or gift item is.

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