Who doesn't love Christmas , I know we do . The whole thing makes us all happy and cheerful. The music playing in the back ground and wrapping all the presents and putting them under our tree.



My parents didn’t have a lot of money while my siblings and I were growing up but they always made sure our Christmas was special. And having 4 kids and trying to make everyone seem special, at times was really ruff for them. When they could we would get one big surprise and all of us had to play with it. Granted not our older brother because he was to cool to play dolls with us.

The girls would have to share the gift which was not a big deal for us, we were all close and played together all the time. We always got our baby dolls and barbies, besides clothes and books and all that other stuff we got. I can remember this Christmas like it was yesterday, we wanted this Town House for ever and never thought we would get it.


Daddy had a special way of doing things and I can remember lining up at the top of the stairs, youngest to the oldest . And waiting for daddy to say ok come down. Mommy would be in the kitchen making coffee and hot cocoa and fresh biscuits, The tree would be lit and the fireplace would be on the tv. And what a surprise we got there under the tree was the Town House. We ran and hugged my parents and were so happy .

Of course me being the oldest girl I was in charge or so I thought I was. Just thinking about this Christmas makes me miss my parents more, its like I can smell daddy as I write this.

Have you ever wished so hard for something and actually received it and thought you were in heaven.  We were such good girls and got the house we wanted .

Im so excited about the walmart” Toy Land Event” can not wait to go and get some great toys for my niece and nephew. Christmas brings out the kid in all of us.


To find out if there is one happening around you , you can go here.

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  1. I agree, it is the thought that is most important! Of my gifts I received in my childhood, the ones that had real thought behind them mean the most!

  2. I know what you mean wanting to be a kid again. I have so much fun playing with my kids!

  3. Our family was the same.. my mom was struggling but the family all made sure the kids had such a great Christmas. I have the best holiday memories!

  4. That’s totally awesome! I had that exact Barbie Townhouse! I loved it so much. Thanks so much for sharing! It really brought back memories.

  5. It’s a great thing to instill in your nieces and nephews! Thanks for the post!

  6. This actually brought tears to my eyes as it reminds me so much for my childhood. Thank you for sharing a piece of you with us!

  7. So funny how you say your dad would line you guys up, my parents did that also. I swear Christmas was always my favorite time of the year yes all the gifts were cool but the laughter and love we shared was the best.

  8. Anything Barbie would make a little girl smile. The Town House looks awesome!

  9. I love the Barbie Townhouse. Mine was the Barbie Dreamhouse and I adored it

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