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Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make!

Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make – Plus, You'll Want To Show Them Off On The Tree

When my kids were little we would make it a family affair putting up the Christmas tree.  We'd put music on and to this day my kids still have great memories of that.  The best part of the tree were the personalized ornaments they made, unfortunately, it's hard for kids to make these because most are made of glass.  Luckily, there are wonderful, creative kits from Eggmazing that will give your kids everything needed to create beautiful, plastic ornaments.  They even come in a variety of cool shapes!

They recently sent me their Eggmazing – The Gift Box Ornament Decorator and the 6 Pack Variety Ornament Refill and my granddaughters absolutely loved it.  We had a blast making these!

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

When children are allowed to create crafts without limits it gives them a fulfilled confidence they can't get anyplace else.  Eggmazing gives them this!  Not only are they learning that they can make something on their own, but their creation will decorate the tree.  Imagine how wonderful they'll feel when everyone can see their personalized ornaments.

When I supervised my grandkids using their ornament decorators it gave them a great bonding experience.  Every single time the youngest finished an ornament she'd run to and show it to her Mommy because she was so proud.  It felt so wonderful watching them enjoy this time.

What's In A Kit

When you order The Gift Box Ornament Decorator, you'll receive the main unit which looks just like a wrapped present.  It contains a small spinner that holds the included ornaments (3) and 8 non-toxic, vibrant markers.  The unit even has a tray to hold all of the markers.  If you're looking for more ornaments you can simply order the 6 Pack Variety Ornament Refill and you'll get 6 more differently shaped ornaments.  These decorations also come with a small loop (metal-looking lid) to put the hook through that will eventually hang it on the tree. You can check Polar X Ornaments online if you want to order Christmas accessories in bulk.

When I tell you that there's no mess with these kits, I promise you that there isn't!  The only thing that happened was the 3-year-old got a little marker on her fingers.  I'll take that over other messes.  Not only will these kits make for a fun family night, but they'd also be great gifts for anyone.  Make this your new yearly Christmas tradition.

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