Who doesnt like a challenge in a game, well we do but this one won the battle. City Maze is the game that will drive you to drink. We tried it for hours and couldnt do it finally given up.The problem with this concept was that players could easily make mistakes. Because left and right are “relative” to the position of the figure. This is something that not only children but also many adults find difficult. I remember my family making a mistake and yelling and walking away, kind of a fun time but that game got us all.

The 6 arrow shaped puzzle pieces are double sided. One side is red, the other side is blue. Each side can only be used for one colored route. But the options you have for blue routes are different than the options for red routes. For example blue routes have 2 left turning arrows, but no right turning ones. For red routes, it’s exactly the opposite. You have to really pay attention to what your doing to get this down pact, drove us all crazy.


Can you reach your destination? Can you be your own GPS? Can you guide two different travelers to their destinations? To play City Maze, place the puzzle pieces on the maze of city streets to create route(s) from start to finish. The arrows have two sides (red or blue) and City maze includes separate challenges for both one traveler and two travelers. When guiding two travelers, if you use an arrow for one route, you can't use it for the other. Plan your routes carefully! Includes two booklets with 120 increasingly difficult challenges.

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